No more anti bleeding in game?

Panacea is not removing bleeding any more, spiced strips aswell. What can remove bleed after this patch?

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Phantom poison have no cure aswell?

Violet cureall potion?

i think that was bandages purpose to remove bleed, do they ?

They do not work if you are moving or holding weapon, so they are completely useless in battle and almost of no use after battle ('cause they don’t stop it immediately, but bleeding stops by itself soon enough).

not anymore, even spiced strips is not removing bleeding (since last patch)

Hey there,

It’s an intended change. We’ve now increased the utility of the survival perk which now reduces the number of ticks per point spent, up to a 80% of total reduction (that is, 2 seconds total of bleeding).
There might be some new gear as well to help with the bleeding effects. :slight_smile:


as we tested yday with friend, 40 surv not descreasing time of bleeding…
And how it can be up to 80% if in patch notes said 1.2% per point. 50 * 1.2 = 60% only. It is 12 seconds of bleeding, not 2 seconds

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