New Survival Skill does not effect Bleed

After testing multiplayer non modded and singleplayer/co-op, we have found that the Survival Skill at 1.6% does not effect the bleed at all, the bleed still does the same amount of damage and has the same amount of time. Almost like nothing was changed at all. The Patch notes state that the Survival skill reduces 1.6% per stat point to number of ticks from negative effects (bleeding,poison,cripple,sunder). We have tested this with almost every weapon and arrow that does bleed from 40-63 survival points at 63 points. You should have 100% reduction to bleed. Also bandages will not remove bleed with a weapon out.

Hello @Dracorawr, welcome to the community!

We appreciate your submission and the time you took to test and share your findings with us, we’ll forward this information to the developers.

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No, they’ve revamped bandages in the last patch, now they must stop bleeding instantly even during battle (and they do so in my SP on PC).

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