Useless bandages

bandages don’t get bleeding … which makes it useless …
Before the violet solution removed bleeds and now not … so there is no feature in the game that removed bleeds. and with the improvement of daggers, it was extremely appealing to use daggers in pvp. (You hardly lose stamina by striking, and it causes you a bleeding effect that makes you unable to heal …)

now in pvp who uses daggers has the victory … is the only weapon that gives 2x poisoning and still gives the bleeding effect that cannot be removed …

fix that, you made a change to balance the game’s combat system, but it weighed a lot on the side of the daggers .

Bandages are supposed to take bleeding to cripple then heal. How ever they have to fix the healing part. Learned from previous thread.

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I agree that bandages aren’t worth that hassle, but they DO remove bleeding, but when you use them you’re also crippled and take damage. I died because I used a bandage while bleeding with a sliver of health left, it was considered a suicide.

The only way they’ll heal you, or at least that I’ve seen, is if you stand still and have nothing in your hands.

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