Unarmed to daggers

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After the update switching unarmed NPCs to daggers level one dancers are applying 14 stacks of bleed to me in about five seconds. I can’t even escape after getting to my body. Is it supposed to work like this?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Yeah bleed is incredibly overpowered now, at least on the npc end.

Yeah, after I got slaughtered repeatedly and lost all of my gear I thought, “perhaps I should try daggers then…” and they did not work that way for me.

Same way with bows. In an npc’s hands they rip through your аss. In your hand it might as well be a toothpick and a noodle.

They will need to rebalance all this incoming damage from the NPC. It seems they went from mild to wild with it.

Well, the point was apparently to stop us from getting some unarmed attack items… and I can guarantee that when I’m lying there naked in a pool of my own blood after my tenth corpse run that I’m not using any weird unarmed attack items.

I am sure there will be a workaround or fix for this, let’s see when that happens now.

In the meantime, my character that bravely cuts down multiple fighter IIIs at a time pants-wettingly running away from a topless level one dancer is kind of funny.

And to think that I was actively looking for topless dancers… I think I will turn tail and fight some mammoths or some giants, I might have a better chance to survive.

Best part is the change was to prevent and remove items from thralls that would bug the pc. Except. My dancers still have the unarmed attack items in their inventory.