Feroxic daggers?

Still no nerf to feroxic daggers or buff to all other weapons to counter. 2 poison and 60 damage per light attack is a bit overpowered. Change my mind. This is targeted towards pvp as I don’t see pve players seeing the issue here. Can’t wait for the regulars to hate on this thread!


No hate hear.

totally agree. But they are daggers so reach is junk and if you get one of the serpent sigils that negates poison after 2 seconds, the poison effects are minimized. In other words, they are a go-to for the inexperienced and are great NPC killers but if you know the Siptah stuff, you can easily negate them. Now using daggers of outer darkness and giving your thrall a two handed ax ( or even worse…voidforged gladius) …that is UGLY. There is no cure for the sunder.

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