Daggers...RIP or Not?

I get that stunlock was removed from daggers in the last update because of something along the lines of it not being intended - however, I’d like the stunlock to be added back.
I main daggers above everything else and even with hyperarmor for heavies the stun/stagger is what allowed dagger use in PvP to go toe to toe with everything else. Just my opinion but I really want the stun/stagger back considering how janky the poison system still is (can’t put on toolbar, have to pull up inventory and drag n drop to apply)


Get a Venom Infused dagger. That way you don’t have to worry about putting poison on it. It’s already permanently there.


The Shank seems to give 2 stacks of sunder**** on hit… so Uhh no. Those things are terrifying lol. Crip/bleed/sunder/poison with salt the wound… lol

What is hyperarmor? I’m new :-\

hard to say mate :slight_smile:

Hyperarmor means the action cannot be interrupted, but you can take damage.

Ohhh… like the crazy whirlwind when dual wielding axes :slight_smile:

Stunlock is still possible, I can do it. The thing that was ‘removed’ was actually them fixing a exploit where you could stun lock a npc to the point where it would become bugged and frozen in some weird pose until you stopped attacking and backed up.

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i agree with this, we can still prevent a lot of actions from npcs when using daggers but not stunlock them to death, which feels well balanced to me.

I’m a dagger user, and they are just fine the way they are. i’m pretty sure the neverending stunlock thing was not intended by funcom and i still have a lot of fun using daggers in PVE.

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