Suggestion: Update PvP Meta from Q-lock Daggers

As the title says, Q-lock dagger spam lowered the already low skill ceiling (after binding swap changes) for 1vX PvP.

I’d like to come back to the game, waiting for this change.

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Remove target lock in general


the issue isnt really the target lock, target lock has always existed, daggers have always existed.

so whats changed ? >power creep in pay 2 win siptah< used to be there was cost involved to poisoning a regular dagger (reaper poison) or its damage was severely reduced (venom infused daggers) but now you can have it all, bonus stats, free poison and high damage.

Siptah and transfers though have introduced so many imbalances fixing the daggers wont fix the overall issue, will just kick the can of imbalance onto something else.

Target lock is an issue.

It doesn’t make bad players good. It makes bad players worse at the game.

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Q lock with daggers being meta for officials just speaks volumes about how far conan exiles has fallen.

This games pvp on officials really is

Hurrdurr lance charges at each other then which ever monkeys can q lock dagger spam kill the zero stam horse main the fastest.

Peak conan pvp.

Target lock was added in the combat up date, before that it wasn’t in the game.
Dual daggers was added in that same up date, before that dagger was a one handed attack.

Fun Fact.
Before the combat up date, we used dagger as the most effective way of getting resin from trees.
And you could only get resin in the northern biome.

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My reasoning for supporting the removal of target lock is that it is a crutch that actually gives an artificial disadvantage to players who rely on it. Its for this reason many private servers simply disable it. By not using it, you will find yourself to be much more flexible and quicker in your reactions.

It seems to be a necessary evil for controllers. But I don’t have enough practice with a controller to say. I will say this though… I was the mad bastard who turned off aim assist in Goldeneye 64 multiplayer to get easier headshots. So I wonder if a similar situation works here? Any sofa players want to comment on that?


You can do controller just fine without it actually. Controller vs keyboard is largely just training and muscle memory. Give me a keyboard on any game and I am absolute rubbish. Controller with fps games and I can head shot everytime because my hands are relaxed and one with the controller… keyboard and mouse literally pains my wrist and back.

And I forgot to mention that with controller you really should manipulate the stick sensitivity just like you would a mouse. If you overlook that, yeah, its gonna be rough just like an unadjusted mouse.


Target lock is very situational on controller.

It can fx be good for staying on target for a combo if the enemy stay in range (which they obviously shouldn’t anyway). It can sometimes make it easier to hit a moving target. But it’s a toggle on for the strike, toggle off thing. It’s kinda terrible if you use it too much and the camera angle when target locked is garbage.

The only time I use target lock, is if I’m just fighting NPC’s and I don’t need to pay attention.
Or if I accidently TL something in my good friend @Barnes base and think my game is broken :wink:


If you think so, but no need to remove it. Just move it into the options panel. Servers can then turn it on or off as desired.

Yeah, Funcom thinks you’re not dying fast enough - obviously! :wink:

Ah-hah… Sounds like another good reason to play on privates…

Could the obscure reason be because some people like to use it?
It doesn’t help in actual PVP - I can tell ya that! Not with daggers, not with anything! It might assist controller users?
I use it occasionally when I have the forethought to bring a shield :shield: to a T4 capture clubbing.
Other than that the only time I use it is by accident ⛌ - and then like @droch-aon, I complain for 3 min that my mouse if busted till I realize my mistake.

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Can confirm this is true. I’ve never used target lock on either PS4 or PC and I’ve always used a controller on both platforms.

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