Q-Lock with daggers

Can we talk about this please? The elephant in the room?

Before i get any retort from someone telling me to learn how to play against them, I can

Official servers are plagued by Q lock together with daggers. Most weapons are redundant and some borderline useless or a handicap to yourself in comparison.

I am so tired of fighting daggers that when I fight someone without one its so refreshing. This meta is really sad and cheapens the amazing experience this game can give, such as servers with no Q lock enabled. Give new players this experience so they don’t call this game zero skill. As of now it truly is zero skill on Officials. Many of us prefer to play on officials.

Daggers dish out a lot of damage and never miss together with Q lock. It covers too much ground and can be used for everything.

It has DoT, it has movement on LMB, it always hit with Q lock and works very well with server lag.

Its stats are higher than most weapons and hits faster and harder. It applies poison faster. You only really need a mediocre pair of daggers and naked to kill geared up players.

Can we do something about the daggers please?
Officials pvp is nothing but daggers. You will occasionally see someone use a greataxe and bow, because they too are broken in their own ways. But daggers are a tier above.

Conan exiles pvp is very skill based without Q lock. I understand asking to remove Q lock is asking for much.

Some ideas to atleast push these weapons to the left left left left direction:

  1. Very high armor penetration. Lower it to 0. So can we atleast remove the armor penetration the daggers have? And only let kits give them. Why does axes, greataxes have less armor penetration than daggers? Hell even greatswords have samey or less armor pen than daggers. Why?

  2. Make only the second hit from dagger propel you forward. This should make the enemy try reach to you first and press RMB or LMB before propelling onto you. This way using the dagger will require you to think instead of tapping LMB hard. So the weakness of dagger will be how short range it is, like an actual weakness you can exploit with other weapons. This should let the dagger player hurt the enemy as a reward but not automatically win by pressing LMB forever, giving most players a chance to break off. This is only fair as all other weapons require you to sprint hit or catch up hit someone running away. Daggers is the only weapon that can LMB catch with cripple dagons.

  3. Buff medium and heavy armor. No one uses these items, they are very niche at best. Make some higher damage resistances against daggers with these armors and give them a purpose. As of now everyone uses light armor. Daggers melt through the heaviest armor faster than a normal weapon melts through a naked player.

  4. Nerf Daggers of dagon and Harpy daggers. Period. (Cripples)

If my ideas are not well-thought, i encourage you all to add your own ideas here please.

While at it remove gumba jump and double jump as well, it cheapens the experience and makes no sense. I can survive against 5 players forever by just jumping around mindlessly like a monkey

Added suggestion from comments: Some official servers with target lock disabled


What is Q Lock ?

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Just prevent auto facing on attack and target lock/q-lock from being used on other players and only leave it for PvE.

Problem solved.

A lot of private servers have this option disabled, and they are pretty popular.

I agree here. Also the harpy spear. Then siptah might be enjoyable again.


So the players who enjoy it off, are playing on servers with the setting they enjoy. And the players who enjoy it on, play on the servers who have it on.

And the solution is to change that up? What?

Let’s break this down a bit. The players who want target lock off are already, as in these servers are setup, bought and paid for, playing how they wish. Want to give that up. Go to (argubly a subpar experience for other reasons) the Funcom ones instead.

And the condition for doing so is to take an experience enjoyed by players on those servers (aka the ones who aren’t playing on the servers with it turned off) away and force them instead to purchase, setup, and switch to new servers.

There is a TON of other things that private servers do that make them far more popular than turning target lock off but we wouldn’t and should ask for them to conform to that.

This is from someone who hasn’t played with target lock enabled on a server for over 4 years now. But should they change that setting and a slew of others to accommodate me? Or simply continue to accommodate the players they already attracted?

Let the crutch users have those servers. I’ve been told Funcom servers are training wheel servers anyway. Let them be mediocre there.

Compromises can always be found.

For example have some official PvP servers with target lock + autofacing turned off.

But I strongly recommend that this function be abolished for fighting other players in general.


Good reason why most private PVP servers disable auto lock.

It’s an imbalance. It may seem like it is a welcome assist but instead it is wholly exaggerated as OP is trying to describe.

The players who use auto lock + auto facing + harpy/dagon do so because in most cases, they will win. Not because of skill. Not because of lack of it. Win at all costs even if it may be imbalanced or imo exploitative.

Daggers by themselves require skill. Most weapons do of course. But with those settings it’s like you’re tethered to the target of course and not easy to break free. Previously used counters to daggers are often moot because they’re using cripple variations. Feroxic daggers were an issue before they fixed them then 3.0 rolled around and don’t even need feroxic, the new system changed it to harpy and dagon. These are, from everything I’ve experienced and know with this game, unintended consequences on Funcom’s end.

This problem is well known in the PVP community both official and private. It’s something discussed among my group and acquaintances very often.

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I have to agree, they nerfed the crap out of archery 2-3 years ago when it was Q left click to win, why not daggers now?


Each time there’s a meta whiners come asking for a nerf. I hope this time Funcom won’t Cater to them and keep both set of daggers as they are.


There is no nerf needed. Just disable target lock.

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They talk about daggers, as if there was no attributes, armors that gives extra damage and buffs.
You can have Dagon daggers with farm build and any other daggers with agility built will be better :slight_smile:

Since Q lock is not being removed by the official servers; is the reason i ask for the toning down of daggers. I am aware of Q lock being the core issue.

If officials had no q lock variants, me and my group of friends would most definitely be on that server. I would not have made a thread about it, but it still would be a real problem. So here I am, adressing an issue. One of my friends already quit because of this dagger meta. A new player. He likes the game but this dagger meta was silly to him. Imagine being a new player that tries different builds for himself just for all perks and builds fail. So he took a pair of daggers went 20 20 20 build some weak aloe extracts and he started dropping people left and right. That bored him out of his mind, there was no incentive to be creative or any fear of losing resources.


Sounds like direct pvp.

The goal wasn’t quick experience? Hmm.

Anything above 1.0x harvest rates causes an imbalance (particularly with sieging). Anything above 0.2x exp rates causes an imbalance with individual tiers. DBD on or off can have drastic consequences for the whole server depending on the other settings. There’s a lot of settings that cause imbalances.

Then you have individual opinion. Your balance is trash to someone else. Its best for players to play on the settings they like, not try to conform a single server set to their own needs.

I know the idea you’re trying to convey but it doesn’t work in this instance.

It’s not really a matter of preference. Even seasoned and successful pvpers do it and not because it’s meta. It’s because it is cheap and broken. They know it’s broken.

Take yourself out of your world for a hot minute.


You might want to consider your own advice here. There is server settings being used that have far more effects on balance than target lock does. You don’t have to look very far to see that, just look at the private servers who advertise as Funcom-like, and that is hardly the setting that is the only one changed. In most cases the others are drastically different.

Why aren’t you asking for the improving of the servers so that people aren’t teleporting all over the place due to low server tick and lag?.. You said that’s what’s making this bad… and it’s an actual issue.

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There’s more chance of hell freezing over than them investing in such a manner that will benefit their entire player base, yes it’s a problem, I agree with you on that but it’s never going to be addressed and I’m sure you know that, their focus is on Dune now not Conan.

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I said the lags helps the issue. Not is the issue. Both are issues, why dont you take your own advice and go make a feedback post of your own regarding server lag?

I don’t understand what youre trying to say here. Care to elaborate?

You may not have noticed, but daggers are much beloved by someone with authority.
Nerfs go out for bleed weapons (gray ones, incarmine), to protect the dagger’s niche.
Never shall a nerf touch the Feroxic weapons, because that would diminish daggers.

The weapons got new “sheathing” (no actual sheathes, but whatevs) animations. Most are just the readying animation in reverse. The Katana got a nifty, but patently absurd one (go ahead try some Iaido without a saya, this one would offer to film and split proceeds, but it would be instantly demonetized). But the Daggers, yep, there’s the love. Spin em like putting away the irons in a spaghetti western. Chic, stylish, cocky. Chef’s kiss.

The move set is very dynamic with lunges and flips to counter the prima facie weakness of short range, and the weapons stats are generous for what they are. Plenty of Hyper Armour to ensure all the dots stick. They are the gold standard for how good weapons should be.

Shame they have so few peers.

In short, go to a BBQ and ask for Beef to be toned down, you will have better luck.

Ok, let’s be fair, every time that comes up it gets shot down with extreme alacrity. Blame the connection, Blame G-Portal, but that line of concern is torn to pieces rapidly.