Q-Lock with daggers

I acknowledged what you wrote, but we are not on the same page, yet.

A level 60 player still using daggers with lock-on is a bit odd. There are more effective means to gain experience. That is how I see it.

Daggers with a lock are used mainly for PVP. For pve, it’s like using

So you know what the real problem is, and you think the real problem is not going to be fixed, so you’re asking to fix something that isn’t a problem in itself? That’s how many of the real world’s problems are caused, you know? Trying to fix something that isn’t a problem because trying to fix the actual problem would be too difficult, or too unpopular.

Nerfing daggers would also have an impact on PvE, which would only suffer the consequences (worse daggers) without the benefit. And I strongly suspect a dagger nerf would not make PvP any more balanced or interesting - PvPers would simply find another meta, and next month they’d be on the forums requesting for that one to be nerfed. That’s what’s been going on since Early Access.

The first root of any problem-solving should always be identifying the actual problem, then fixing that, rather than something adjacent. Falsely identifying the problem leads to wasted effort at best, new problems at worst.


simply remove abilitiy to q lock an other player as sirdavewolf explained it, let q lock for npc if u want for pve people, if daggers are nerfed will be an error, problem is not daggers, problem is q lock, try to kill someone with daggers wuthout using q lock, and u will see it is very hard if the opponent is not blocked in a corner.


Well, the nerfs are in for Age of war. Not only has stamina drain been increased for weapons across the board especially dagger but the deserved daggers stats nerf are done as well. Very deserved nerfs that anyone could see happening besides people living in a fantastical world of delusion.

Unlikely to happen, since devs just added new target lock locations to large enemies like elephants.

That’s fine. Keep that. Just disable it for other players.

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Depends on the dagger, I guess. Sure, there were some daggers with stats above the norm, but I disagree that daggers would deserve a blanket nerf across the board.

Should we start guessing what will become the next “this needs to be nerfed” PvP meta after the daggers are “fixed” into oblivion? And how many hours after the update goes live until the first cry for said nerf hits the forums?

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You haven’t seen the calls to blunt the pointed stick yet?
This one’s money is on pointed stick, if…
And this is a big if.
If the there aren’t still calls for dagger blunting.

Lick dagger emote when?
Lick dagger and then choke and play dead because the dagger was poisoned emote when?

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Yep. First back during Early Access. Then repeatedly as it has been a seasonal meta until something happens and people forget about it. That’s one reason why I don’t believe in an urgent need for nerfs - the meta changes over time, even if nothing in the game does.

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This one prefers buffs to nerfs.
While the meta does change…
It seems to bounce back and forth between a too limited number of top contenders.

However, so far it hasn’t struck this one as overtly dire. More than certain other other than optimal situations might cause a slight edge to become significantly more.
The worse one’s ping, and the worse the render rate on a server… the bigger Q-lock dagger has an impact, for example. Ping isn’t always a thing anyone really can control. Server performance… Well, that’s another recurring rage point.


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