Issues concerning Combat & Weapons

The Q lock on targeting does not always properly align the characters weapon attacks with the enemy hitbox.
often times swing past them even when you are -right- upfront against the enemy. It seems fist weapons and daggers have the absolute worst range for making attacks and the hit box striking positions are so off from the daggers attacks you have to align your character in ways to compensate which makes them objectively inferior to every other weapon in the game.
You also cannot strike small creatures with your punch attacks cause they are too low to the ground.

The dodging is absolutely ridiculous cause you can do it mid combat just as much as you want after all the work you put in just to PROPERLY align a single attack and even position at the right distance to hit them. Meanwhile there is no penalty to using a weapon like spears where you can make large weapon arcs that require absolutely no effort to hit the other player which is a lot harder to time dodges from.

Ontop of this the daggers backflip ability is a lot slower and only can be used after animations have finished executing which makes it a pointless feat to use over the traditional dodge rolling.

THe daggers light attacks also constantly project your character forward which makes them swing past the enemy trying to land multiple strikes and trying to coordinate all these movements and precision attacks becomes so pointless every fight is constant misses with dodge rolls and then I will die to anyone with a weapon that has a larger weapon swing arc than mine… then dodge as soon as I try to sieze the opportunity to retaliate strikes.

As much as Ilike the direction the combat is trying to go, I don’t feel it has been executed fluidly and there are certain balances that need to be made.

I also cannot figure out how to switch targets using the q mode, as it often prioritzes players that are behind me instead of ones infront of me or enemy NPC’s as there is no in-game indicator or evne in the key mapping