Dagger combat quality of life

so i reinstalled conan after taking a brake fora wile and i have to say i love the new combat system grate job so far how ever iv noticed some big problems with the daggers and the dodge they have. so first is low to the ground enemies notably crocodiles their hit box is very hard to hit even with lock on almost like the daggers arn’t aiming low enough to make contact.

the other is the dodge only jumping backwards ((not certain if this is dodge in general or only related to the dagger)) making it hard to avoid lunges so it would be nice to be able to tap or dodge in the movement direction being held. this would make the combat even more fluid and add a higher depth to the battles.

aside from that ever things been pretty smooth so far ^^

The backflip is a dagger feature, and if you are suggesting it to be used to all directions, I don’t think this could make any sense as the dodge roll already does that. And you know, the name “backflip” already suggest the use for that :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, apart from the directional low hits problem that you said, and I agree, there are some dagger combos that are not performing as intended, for exemple, the light chain, l1,l2,l3 and l4, the fourth attack doesnt happen at all, its just 1,2,3, and if you mix some light and heavy attack, the fourth attack won’t happen too, I hope they fix that, because this literally kills the combo.

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I find it’s quite easy to hit crocodiles, but there is one big problem I have with them.
There is ‘no’ collision with crocodiles so you can walk right through them. This causes my 4th heavy attack in a combo to miss almost every time as while attacking, I pass through the crocodile…

This extends to salamanders in the swamp and one other creature but I forgot what it was. (Crocs and salamanders are exactly the same, basically just different skins. Same attack patterns, animations, behavior, lack of collision, hit boxes, etc.)

The problem I see with the backflip is that it does not cancel attack animations the same way normal dodge rolls do. I would also like to be able to do side flips (maybe somersaults). The backflip does use less stamina than the dodge roll, so it has an upside, but I think that’s outweighed by not cancelling attack animations, so it’s not as useful.

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