Single Player Daggers

Hey, getting back into conan and enjoying it for the most part. Only issue I’m having is with light armor and daggers. The moment I go up against more than 1 enemy they seem to decimate me. same with any kind of boss. I am easily 2 or 3 shot with level 60 assassin armor. It’s been quite awhile since I last played but everything seems a bit off. it’s like enemies just move too fast and too far for the new dodge.

As though they changed a major feature without accounting for the fact that all of their dungeons, creatures attacks, and moves were built with that dodge in mind…

I have used daggers since they became a thing in conan and the only thing that has been saving me is the dagger dodge. I don’t want to entirely change my playstyle just because of this but it seems like the enemies attacks are simply too wide or long to avoid. From the look of things the game is trying to force me into heavy armor but I’d rather play my way.

I currently have damage set to 1.5 across the board (self and enemy) for single player, but am I going to be forced to lower how much I take? I hate that the only option seems to be a debuff to enemies, feels like cheating.

Aside from the general issues I am having with light armor seemingly doing very little and the dodge being next to useless against more than 1 enemy, is the fact that most of my attacks simply don’t connect. I remember this being an issue before but it is truly frustrating. I go up against a few wolves in the Jhebbal Sag dungeon and they just shred me the moment I go in, because I dagger lunge and 2 go around the side. When I try to avoid them I dodge into the third’s attack. When I do go in for an attack half of them seem to go over enemies heads or just clip through them, yet a wolf bites past me and I take the hit.

Shouldn’t greater numbers be much more dangerous?


I mean yeah, but there’s a difference between more dangerous and irritating. I don’t mind high difficulty, but when I get killed to things that, by all means, are unreasonable it only serves to frustrate. Each enemy seems to attack twice as fast as I do and although I excel with evasion it is still a lot to deal with. It wouldn’t be so bad if more of my attacks connected but passing through one with a dagger and dealing no damage, only to have 2 of them attack before the game lets me act again, is a bit much.

I’ve really never found daggers to be of value. They have all been rusting away in my chests. However, if they made them more useful in PvE, I’d be happy to start carrying them. The attack animation is really neat and would be fun to play… if it had any practical value.

Right now, for any melee combat in PvE, it sure seems like 1h axes (fast and knockdown) or any of the high damage 1h/2h swords are the most practical options.

Daggers I really only see being potentially useful for bleeding out a boss in single combat, but honestly, I don’t feel it comes close to the speed of killing the boss with a high damage sword.

So, I guess I’m with the OP in making daggers more viable in multiple target combat, but also in any situation. I’d probably do something like make an agility perk that grants extra armor & damage for dagger wielders.

They’re an acquired taste for sure, but personally, I find daggers to be very good PvE weapons against most bosses and humanoid NPCs. A least before the recent patch, after which I haven’t really had time to play so I’m not sure how the changes have affected daggers. I’ll be sure to get back to it after the holidays.

I personally enjoy them a ton, they are by far my favorite. The ability to move and attack in one is useful and the forward attack is actually pretty good for avoiding some attacks and gaining distance. I went back to work on the Jhebbal Sag dungeon and got through most of it pretty well after some practice. Seems like 1.5dmg for me and 1 for baddies is about right without it feeling too strong.
The biggest problem I am having is bosses and hitboxes in general. enemies were clearly designed with that dodge in mind. like the bull boss. I literally cannot get out of the way in time without the daggers, and I didn’t have a shield. I was relegated to pinging it with my bow until it was low enough I could just drop down and get a melee attack in.
Other things are absolutely impossible with the daggers and new dodge too, like the werewolf boss. I have no idea how that is supposed to be able to be done with daggers at all. The dodge barely moves you and by the time you are out of it he has hit you twice, and the dagger flip cannot even keep up. It’s the only fight I had to cheat on because it was literally something I couldn’t do in light armor and daggers. Disappointing that they only factored some play styles into it.

Ive never like daggers because you cant keep your distance. They cause bleeding all around, and not just the opponent…

True, I find them infuriating if using the lock-on since it’s hard to avoid stuff but without that you can just do 2 lunges away from the enemy and you are out of melee range. Or just use the dagger flip.

Try using a different weapon, unless you bring a companion with you to tank damage.
Daggers are good for dps, but not in direct combat for the reasons you already described.

I know you’re trying to play a rogue-like character but it doesn’t work like that easy this game, try something different, like sword and throwing axe, single sword, bow, or time your strikes, know when to fall back, control the field, the enemies have simple AI so you can try different tactics.

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