New player to Conan exiles this coming May eighth. Weapon and gameplay?

Hey guys nice to have found the forums finally xD wasn’t really looking hard but still nice to find it.

So i have alot of buddies who are getting this game and we are all going for different play styles some of which aren’t even out yet. (Sorcery.) However i my self want to do something most of them haven’t looked at. I wish to play an assassin. Unfortunately there is no Xath god of spiders whos priests are assassins. But hopefully he will get added.

Anyway I wish to use Daggers and poison with a high strength, agility, grit and minor vitality accuracy build. Likely with the Set god for the snake arrows for more poison. However i have heard there may be some problems with this. First and for most from what i’ve read Daggers are not a rewarding weapon, From the fact they have low durability and low damage. On top of that from what i was reading Bleed from dagger strikes do not scale meaning early game is fine but late game is garbage. Is this information still current? If so is there any plan to fix this soon after the game is fully released?

Next up is poisons themselves. From what i’ve been able to find the earliest poison you can get ahold of is the snake arrows which are for Set. The other (Reaper poison.) Is for higher level characters meaning Daggers won’t be very effective by that point. Will there be other poisons we can get ahold of?

Finally is there anything else i can utilize for my assassin style character like traps or something?

In the latest testlive patch they said this - "Bleeds now stack up to 20 times and lasts for 20s. Up from 10 stacks and 10 seconds. " So that will help the daggers a bit.

I like a sword, just feels the most natural for me in most situations.

Good to know glad that was made somewhat more viable. But that still means i have to land like 20 hits right?

To stack the bleeding to 20, I guess so.

The most difficult part of daggers is getting close enough to stack the bleeds, once you figure that out, they work great.

The increase bleed timers and stacks make it so that if you cannot immediately pull off a four move heavy chain to maximize bleed stacks, say because you are interrupted, you can still follow up and stack the bleeds. Next, bleeds ignore armor so there is no damage reduction. Third, if you have at least 20 str, then daggers benefit greatly since they are one of the few weapons that can reliably and constantly apply status effects. Even better when you are in a group where everyone has STR 20. I believe Set arrows are the other weapon that is like this where nearly every hit guarantees a status effect.

Like all the other weapons, you just have to get used to them and find the best way to play with them.

sadly the poison they put in game was just a test item

its a once time use, one hit, one stack with then has to be dragged and dropped again in the inventory screen to reapply

sadly nothing has been done with it since it was added like a year? ago

wish they would, would love to see either a really high stacking poison or different tiers of it or something

and no real traps to speak of, i mean there are, but the mats or horrible

Alright good to know. Thank you Frost abd Tika. I Do hope that they will do more with the poison as that is a big thing for me. I love to be able to inflict lethal status effects until i know my enemy is going to die and then watch them desperately try to kill me even though they know its unlikely at that point. So i guess without poison i will have to get good with the bleed and learn how much it takes to bleed out my enemies before i can move on to my next target.

i hear bleed now stacks to 20 tho even stacking to 10 it could get pretty out of hand fast light armor and grit, vitality or heavy into roll spec 50 point in something cant remember what one

not so much about the str for daggers just stacking the bleed as it doesnt scale with anything so even 0 str does as much as 50+

and it starts to tick hard fairly qiuickly it may not be as fast as say two hander attacks to kill but it is fun, tho not too good at multiple mobs tho ive taken down two dragons plus adds as daggers in medium armor, took quite a bit of doing but can be done

Well i am planning on hunting players mostly anyway. its kinda the roll i have in my group. lol i will be using other things for pve.

A build you might enjoy actually goes deep enough into accuracy to get the 50% armor pen bonus. This makes the damage from daggers a little more effective while you ramp up your bleeds but also will make your bow shots more deadly. There is still plenty of points left to get enough into str for the damage bonus to targets with status effect. Considering strength gives 1% per point bonus damage and accuracy 50% armor pen + a decent end game dagger(with armor pen mods) will get you in the 70-75% armor pen range the damage lost from not maxing strength is negated by your ability to ignore the targets armor. Granted high strength builds coupled with high vitality is the current meta in regards to pvp, for somebody such as yourself looking for a different set up might like to try this out.

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Yeah i am not one who really cares much for meta in all honesty as those change and sway as time goes by and it is basically just the stuff that works for everyone. I like to play my way and generally stay away from meta. I am quite glad for the tip Mortis ill look at going light strength and heavy accuracy instead seeing as it gives me armor pen which is wonderful for heavy armor opponents.

Also carry orbs with u to counter mace and shield. Maybe try to use vapor mines expensive but be so rewarding if able to pull off.

This is in my head never attempted it but throw grease orb at thier feet quickly grab vape mine and place at thier feet. If u have get close use your block for daggers and then dodge get away from gas. 10 poison stack then use snake arrows keep up the stack.

As far as i am aware snake arrows do not keep up the bleed stack from daggers.

No they keep poison stack up from vapor mine.