PvP feedback from Veterans

Hey guys, as one of the PvPers that reached alot of hours in Conan Exiles being playing since day one of Early Access i wanna give you some PvP suggestions. please understand this is NOT a front against the Devs or Community. Ive gathered just the opinion/feedback from most of our veteran PvPer scene.
actually the game is on a good way and growing but there are still some things that we going to talk about in this thread.

1. Mounted PvP
Nerf lances for horse pvp or give us a server setting “horse/rhino/mounted damage to player”
thread link

2. Legendary weapons
Legendary weapons from World Boss chests needs at least a little damage/arp buff. After update 2.1 back in Oct. 2020 where the crafted weapons damage/arp got pushed with a Smith, most of the legendarys are kinda useless. they should be stronger then ANY crafted weapons so that people actually farm it for varity in fights and end game content

3. Daggers
Daggers left click damage should be nerfed by X%, they are supposed to be fast and low damage weapons also they should give only one poison instead of 2 per hit. thread link

4. Attribute and Perks

ideas to make perks more interesting and some builds more viable to play

Berserker: 50 strength
Live: Whenever your hitpoints fall below 25%, you deal 50% more melee damage.
Suggestion: Whenever your hitpoints fall below 50%, you deal 15% more melee damage.

Bronzed Physique: 50 survival
Live: All direct combat damage you take is reduced by 10%.
Suggestion: All enemy weapon penetration values will be set to 0 when getting attacked

Iron-hard Muscles: 30 grit

Live: You gain a natural resistance to damage [+15 Armor]
Suggestion: You gain a natural resistance to damage [+45 Armor]

5. Official server transfer limitation
block some item ids for server transfers on official PvP servers. for example crafted God tokens or Dragonpowder
at least hard cap the amount of Dragonpowder that you can transfer with.
God tokens should be disabled at all for transfers.
Video about character transfers. credits to Ceronesthes

6. Official servers: future suggestions
so whats about bringing back a few Blitz/Fast PvP servers like back in the early days.
Blitz was a monthly wipe server as i remember. Fast PvP without any wipes.
Both of the servers had higher XP/Harvest and crafting timer rates. ofc server transfers should be disabled for this kind of servers. After you merge most of the offical servers in the future there will be still a few dead servers (after some time) maybe this ones you can use to test.

thanks for reading this thread, please keep the answers friendly and constructive
stay healthy and have a great day/week

greets Owyn - Ballerburg Clan


I couldnt agree more. Great suggestions.
for those wondering about the lance dmg, this guy made a youtube video about it just the other day.
Shoutout Hosein/Dark Cat

pay attention to the amount of dmg he does before he even goes for the oneshot. to a guy with 1k armor.


Basically what I described here:


1- Lances. Yup.I agree.

2- Legendary stuff. Again, I agree. I like finding chests (when they don’t bug out on me)

3- Agree. They’re pretty close to being balanced since the debate gets pretty heated on both sides but sweeping changes aren’t usually discussed. I think a 25% reduction in damage would be excessive if applied across the board, but the main issue lies in the damage of Feroxics. Reduce the damage of these daggers in particular and allow for some others to take the spotlight (Jebbal Sag’s Prowl, Daggers of Dagon, etc)

4-I’ve had a whole thread devoted to perk re-works. And I stand by them needing some love. So yeah, in total agreement here. ( Thread Link for Reference: How would you do it? Perk Rebalance - General Discussion / Feedback - Funcom Forums)

5- I personally don’t believe that folks should be allowed to transfer with anything from Isle of Siptah except to another Siptah server. Leave the good, strong, Siptah gear on Siptah where it’s balanced because everyone has it. Don’t punish the guys in the Exiled Lands who don’t want to fork out more of their money on a DLC they may or may not enjoy just to stay relevant.

6- Variety is the spice of life. More server variety means more options, and more options is always good.


Solid Ideas, my boy Owyn

Horses in general still need to be tuned down a bit. Even without the berserk buff and all that you can still ALMOST 1 shot unless you get the double hit proc ofc. Horses should be stronger than ground fighters but not as much as it is.

Legendary weapons and armor have been shunned for a very long time. Weapons and armor that take a lot longer to grind like the unnamed city ones should get a buff etc. At the moment you can farm and craft the best gear in the game pretty easily.

Quick way to nerf daggers is remove the built in aimbot the game lets you use. No consequences for the PVE server players if it’s only removed on Official PVP.

Attribute and Perks could get some love which will make more viable builds instead of everyone using the same one.


So there is also a bug involved ?

Unsure how it procs but sometimes it will hit twice creating a one shot.

a good representaion. points 1 and 3 should be countered by giving more hp to players , and not by nerfing the weapons.
the server transfer is a really good suggestion.
point 2 is also a needed one! legendary should be really legendary
the other two r on point.


Going to need some more information on Lances before proceeding. We’re not exactly sure how the damage is being calculated. Its a 20 damage weapon doing 500-600+ damage. I’m not exactly sure cutting it to 10 damage would even half the bonus damage. Nerfing them may not do much at all. Does anyone have info on the regular 11 damage one?

But even if it did cut it by the same amount, there’s a whole bunch of rebalancing that needs to be done. When I equip a 30 damage axe with 0 STR, I know it does 30 damage. When I have 50 STR, the stat page tells me I have a bonus 30 for a total of 60. It gets a little wonky with some combo attacks having modifiers, but its more or less 60.

20 damage becoming an order of magnitude higher is… weird. The full damage (when its criteria is met, in this case charging on horse) of a Lance should be its base damage modified by STR + any other bonuses* (or not, as I get further in the comments). This would be transparent to the player unlike how it is now.

Legendary weapons are just not… legendary. None of the bosses that drop keys are particularly difficult, in fact the elite wolf (corrupted wolf) that has a 2% chance of spawning where any wolf normally does is a much harder opponent than any of these so called bosses (including the large Rockslide one). So because of that, I’m ok with their stats being what they are. Just take the Legendary tag off (its just a piece of text that does nothing).

Then make a new class of weapons that are actually pretty tough to get. Maybe even requires a group of players to be able to complete properly.

The alternative is to buff all the legendary weapons, but also buff the bosses. And I don’t mean simply making them health sponges like they were before. We’re talking harder than pre-nerf Thag. Stuff that will kill a level 20, 1300 armor 12,000hp thrall if the player doesn’t attempt to hold some agro off of it. Something like Alaric the Icy in Savage Wilds.

I believe daggers are bugged. They don’t reliably hit without target lock, and autohit with it. If that is fixed, we can see what the damage looks like. Right now you could nerf them to 1 damage and they’ll likely be nearly as nasty as they are now. I mean people have reported killing epic geared people naked with stone daggers. So unless they’re exaggerating (which they might or might not be), then there’s something else at play here.

The fifth perk of STR is wonky. When you have 50 STR, you do double damage (2% times 50 = 100% bonus damage). So even at 15%, you’re seeing an obscene amount of damage. One of the experiences I had with berserker, is when sparring, if I got some hits in first, when we traded blows, I would get gibbed because if it takes 3 hits to get someone low on health, their 3 hit would plaster me.

I hit them, they hit me, I hit them, they hit me, I hit them, they get berserker and kill me. Without the perk, I would have gotten a 4th hit and killed them. That’s kinda counter intuitive. And this actually happened quite a few times.

So my suggestion would be to forgo a damage increase altogether. STR already gets several of them. And when you have 50 STR you already have bonus damage of 100%. Maybe something like a small armor pen bonus or even adding Sunder to the last hit of a combo. Could even be something dumb like allowing a small hop dodge when encumbered.

I don’t thing dragonpowder would be an issue if DBD was turned on. It would solve a whole slew of other issues too. God tokens on transfer. Yeah probably not allow that.

I’m not sure how they could do this, but FC is going to have official servers, then they really ought to consider seasonal servers. Short lived servers that reset every 1 or 3 months. But when they do, their settings are changed dramatically. You’re not playing the same experience each time. But to really make this work requires more than simple server settings (or at least more than what we have now).

Maybe something where NPCs spawn as their elite versions (the wolves in the north would be crazy) far more often. Thrall camps are replaced by undead, and you get thralls by getting keys to unlock captives (like in Siptah). Themed stuff like that.

When you have stuff like that, and the experience is different each cycle, then people won’t be as likely to get burned out. Which is the biggest problem blitz servers would have. This allows them to exist and negates that problem.

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To some I agree to some not so. But it was a really good feedback post, Bravo. If I could suggest something here is to give more “admin power” so admins in private servers can adjust the damage of every single thing. Pve is getting massacred more and more for balancing pvp. So it is time for separation, pve and pvp servers should have different adjustments.
I want back the lifeblood spear, the act of violence, the lying bastard, etc and nothing to be nerfed again on pve servers.
So more adjustments for admins on private servers and separation from pve is my opinion.


Still wasn’t nerfed.

Well you could say removing the crit effect from the game was a nerf, but it never worked as intended on any weapon.

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Yea I remember some random hits was omg, like rng was working there too, but I loved it. I will repeat my self again that not long ago @CodeMage made a post of balancing Siptah with exile lands, maybe by bringing the old monumental power to some legendaries, would be a way too.
Other than that, thank you for the details of this axe story but for a simple player like me, this explanation is like chicken and eggs, for me it doesn’t matter what happened and I saw the difference, but the difference. These technical explanations are really appreciated but it makes the same, act of violence is not performing the way it did, so…
Thank you however :+1:t6:

And here I go, weighing into a PvP topic with corrective information. I will just mute this thread immediately after posting because, well, the history of this forum and PvP topics are not good…especially when corrective information is provided that pushes back on the subject.

They do give just 1 bleed “per hit.” Its based on the number of times the collision notifies connect. If there are 2 collisions in a combo step, that means 2 bleeds. That’s how the ENTIRE game works.

If you insist it always be 1 bleed no matter what on every combo step, you would be asking for a VERY significant nerf to daggers, or asking for the entire combat system to change and heavily nerf ALL weapons that rely on multi-hits in a combo step.

Yup, agreed. I’ve come up with a way to do this via a mod if I don’t see any balance changes coming down the pipe anytime soon. I’d rather they just receive proper attention though.


Well they did write “poison”, not “bleed”. First light attack is one (1) single stab and it does apply 2 poison stacks.

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I agree on that it lost an effect a lot of people thought was fun, but it’s technically still not a nerf if it started out broken. I don’t understand why they didn’t actually fix it (and made the crit do a lower amount of damage) though.

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I think that’s an needless extrapolation. What PvP players want is for the hits to register consistently. I believe others have blamed sloppy netcode for this, although I think that enumeration is overly-generous and simplistic.

When I take what is obviously, recordably, demonstrably one hit yet two bleeds are applied, I am left with a feeling of “What am I even playing?”

I guess it would be great if I could God Mode look into the player’s eyes who’s applying the bleed. Would I see two strikes or just one?

I like posts like this because the back-and-forth of “They’re balanced” and “No they’re not” means that they’re really really close to being balanced. They likely still need some work (as @Taemien and myself have stated) but they’re almost there, which is a good sign.

I remember the time when on the first light attack from a dagger user the enemy would receive 3 poison debuffs.

Getting a stack of 2 is not a problem IMO, since antidotes remove full stacks with 1 click. As @AxeIsAnnoying already stated in another thread: Daggers should deal the majority of their damage with debuffs. Dash onto your opponent with your light attacks, stack bleed and/or poison, then jump out with your dagger jump ability.

But Anitdotes ruin the fun. But they are needed, since the overuse of poison on almost all weapons. Poison should be a unique effect on only a few weapons. And then antidotes should only remove 1 stack each time. But this is my opinion.

Speaking of the jump back ability of the dagger: it has no i-frames. So you can always get hit during it. Probably even staggered, which kinda turns it useless.

EDIT: And fix the hit boxes on dagger light attacks. The first 2 hits are awful.


How often is the first light attack used in daggers currently? I’m asking this question independently of the post just above this one.

The last time I used them (Conan Exiles - Daggers are viable - YouTube) it was right after the animation cancel removal patch and I used light attacks like 95% of the time. The remaining 5% were heavy attacks.

I have also seen clips from Siptah, where people used target lock and then spammed light attacks only.