Daggers, Agility, Bleed and Poison

I’ve been playing this build for a while, and it seems quite underpowered compared to some time ago, bleeds are okay, although 20 stacks is too much, 10 makes more sense seeing that a thief/cloth user, fights with few quick hits and evade, the hit and run way.

Now poison (Reaper Poison), oh poison, why are you so weak? what happened to poison, did you nerf poisons? Because the damage currently its so low, and it seems to be affected by armor??? Really?? Not intended I suppose.
And how about making the effect and damage more fitting to its utility, its poison, it should hurt! A little bit blurred vision, and the damage should be feared. " You got antidote? No?! Ohhh poor one…" Of course the damage must not be monstrous, but it should last long, like 45 seconds or a minute.

To end this, I’m going to say something that has been suggested before, and the rogue community agrees;

Dagger damage should be linked to Agility, with perks raising bleed&poison damage, making Back Flip having iframes, etc.

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