Strength and Bleed Damage

I know strength scales damage of melee. But how about bleed damage from daggers?
Does that increase with strength or no?

don’t believe so. most builds i’ve seen with dagger seem to be lower end for str.

Go armor pen with bleed damage…str has literally no effect.

Yes. With daggers it is not about strength, but I think bleed ignores armor so armor penetration is not helping there either. Daggers are about bleed stacking which is easily to do in PVE but much more difficult in PVP.

it’s really not that hard to stack bleed damage in pvp. Don’t go for combos…go for 1-2 hits then roll away and repeat…slowly stacking your bleeds this way. You avoid damage and slowly build up a large ticking bleed this way. I win every 1v1 i do like this. have even won some 1v2’s this same way.