Agility vs. Strength build duel - opinions?

Hello there,

I want to ask fellow exiles about this matter. I am no PvP player, but my online friend who has no experience in PvP as well wanted to try duelling.

I won 1 time, he won 3 times. First time he was using acid arrows with the fog, behind which he was hiding all the time. Me in my strength build with venom infused axe could not do anything.

His hit with that arrows in combination with using Reach of the Red mother took 1/3 of my HP in 1 hit with that arrow. My hit with the axe who should have 144 DMG per hit took nearly 1/4 of his HP.

I was in heavy armor, he was in medium and still kicked my butt when just trying.

When we went melee, his combinated light attacks, two in a row like one big uninterrupted combo killed me in few seconds, because of my lack of stamina.

So I am asking for tips and advice here, because the agility build seems really OP to me. Maybe I am just lame PvP player, maybe there are some ways to keep this balanced.

I appreciate every advice and opinion in advance! :slight_smile:

Addition: In the server of 20 ppl online I get hard lags even in PvE fights and this was the same. I make one heavy jump axe attack, then glitch and he is 2 meters away. I don’t really know how could I stand a chance in a fight like this.


In melee he was using daggers. I wanted him to show me the combo just to watch, and the light attacks are really like one uninterrupted combo, two times in row without any rest, in which I could not do anything.

It’s considered a cheese weapon by most. It can be hard to counter especially if you are low Stam. Your first issue is heavy armor. I suggest trying medium and light out dragonbone/silent legion combo is still the best. I find a good 1h sword is goo against daggers (black ice broadsword still the best) but the main thing is keeping your distance and choosing your shots carefully.
Most “meta” builds are full agility/strength/vitality. Don’t rush in to trade with anyone unless they are weak.
More than anything it just takes practice.


few points.

Heavy armor in PVP is SLOW. Plus stamina regen sucks in it. Drop the armor. It’s only 14% between great medium armor and standard heavy. I prefer medium since it has more stable stamina regen.

You will be at a disadvantage because he has speed and distance weapons. Throwing axes will be your best friend to help increase your chances. If you keep your 1h axe, you can get some nice combo actions that will hurt bad if you land it with venom axe.

Know your weaknesses and their strengths. The ax is great but lacks armor pen. You got throwing axes for range, you also got a pike which is a good counter to the agility melee weapons.


Thank you guys for your valuable advices. :slight_smile:

As I said, I suck at PvP and my friend apparently knows better. :smiley:

Well, I am used to heavy because of PvE, but when I think about it, I always try not to be hit at all. So why bother with heavy?

I can’t tell how much is stamina regen different with light or med armor, in comparison to heavy. We will surely try, thank you again!

And also thanks for the mention about cheesy in daggers, makes me feel I am not that lame. :smiley: Really I haven’t seen combos with any rebound like this before, every weapon has some time to rest after the combos and daggers don’t? Interesting.

From the wiki, here is a chart about stamina regen that explains my choices

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Ok, I have to add the fact, that I always wear heavy armor with armor reduction kit.

So I had something around 10% of weight, with boost in strength weapon dmg and also +45 carry weight.

Still not helping enough.

Yeah it’s best to just ditch the heavy armor when fighting other players. Try medium dragon with silent legs (all medium). Light armor is best when you start to get more experience with pvp. Also it’s recommended not to mix different classes of armor.
Just keep at it conan pvp is very good.


What isn’t in the chart is the speed of your dodging. Capt’s point is that light gives you a very quick roll while heavy can’t be truly described, only mocked…see vid below


On pvp you are toast with heavy armor. And against the new agility/grit builds you stand no chance whatsoever.
The extra protection you get makes slow and will be vaporized with a roll that will increase armor pen.


Again, thanks a lot guys, you’re the best. :slight_smile:

Also nice to see people here know Viva la dirt league. :smiley:

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Yeah, I thought the same. One can’t stand a chance against experienced players and apparently even against non-PvP players.

I have to give a chance to lighter armorsets. For example God’s eye patch :slight_smile:

My suggestion is just simply like this, since the perk system is the way it is, I dont see no reason to go 20 on str, agi and vit. And then agi or str buff depending on what your main choice of weapon.

But with those stats, you could pretty much use any weapon both str and agi.

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