Want to try a Daggers build. Need your suggestions

I want to try a Dagger/Agility build.

I’ve always run a 1 handed Axe/Strength build and i want to try something different.

I’d like to get those of you who are experienced Dagger players, to tell me about your build.

Tell me how you have your ‘perk’ points spread out and you’re thinking behnd your choices

Also, what armour do you wear? Light or medium?

Thnks everyone!

I play single player so my build might not work for online play.
Max out Agility with Dead Shot and Extended Leap for 2nd and 4th perks. I usually take a bow with me.
Max out Authority with Healthy Diet and Well trained for 2nd and 4th perks. Being solo I take a pet or thrall with me and I prefer it to be buffed.
10 points in Vitality with Fast Healer as 2nd perk.
10 points in Grit with Endurance as 2nd perk. With a light armour the other choice looks like to be better but in fact it isn’t. Because of the light armour I dodge and move a lot during fight to avoid being hit. Regenerating stamina faster is a lot more useful than getting more armour.
For weapons I take Daggers + short sword + bow. All are Agility based weapons with a lot of heal potions and bandages.
I use light armour because I’ve the feeling I can dodge better in it and my character is more reactive after dodging. My way of fighting is to first avoiding being hit before hitting. So I dodge, turn around to hit from behind an never stay long in front of a foe.
It works better with a light armour than a medium one. And without any points in Strength and Expertise, my carrying capacity isn’t great. I can’t afford to carry to much weight.

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Do events get bile some are agility strength etc. Put it on your weapons gives 12 or 14 percent buff used on a bow today with my standard build helped out add that to a agility build should kick butt :+1: @SirGreenDay @Wolfrider4594

I use daggers and one handed axe exclusively.

Strength - 15 points - Combo Master
Agility - 15 points - Precision Strike - reduce the amount of garbage you carry. I usually run around 30-35% load
Vitality - 15 points - Faster Healer
Authority - nothing
Grit - 10 points - Endurance
Expertise - 5 points

I don’t normally run with thralls, but I change nothing if I do.
I will use the Weight reduction modification on each piece of my armor. I did bring Siptah recipes over when we could still transfer, but use the 2nd choice of you don’t have them.

Helmet - Aspect of the Wolf - +15% strength or Voidforged Dragon - +health
Chest - Voidforged Dragon
Pants - Voidforged Dragon
Gloves of Jhil - Fast stamina regen or Voidforged Dragon
Godbreaker boots - Repairs weapons

Now, I use Illusion so although I have 1500 armor, I might look like I’m wearing the Bejewelled Bikini.

You need to practice with daggers if you haven’t used them much. You can’t just go in swinging wild. Sometimes, a quick light attack is best.


But I caaaaan’t! I’m a pack rat by nature so I need all my stuff with me at all times. Or at least my tools, my weapons, my backup weapons, potions, repair kits, food and random nonsense. I’m impressed you can run in heavy armor and keep yourself unencumbered.

So very true. Often, especially against multiple opponents (as well as spear-wielders) the best way not to get killed is a light attack and dodge away. Rinse and repeat. You out-threat most other weapons, or at least their lunge attack is slower than yours, so you should be able to get a hit in and then get out of the way.

Other than what’s in my wheel (Water Skin, Food, Repair Hammer, Up to 10 Aloe Potions, Pickaxe, Daggers, Axe, Lying Bastard) I carry a Nightstalker Mask and up to 10 wraps. That’s how I leave the house. Anything else I picked up while out and about.

I used to be you. I did. But that extra stuff is really never used, so I just stopped bringing it. Don’t even miss it now. The Godbreaker boots took care of the weapon repair kits. Sometimes I’ll take hits just to fix the axe ( Stand in poison gas, sandstorm, spider bites, etc.)

There are two amazing you tubers called Firespark81 and Wak4863 who have videos on builds for weapon types, check their you tube pages for that information. Very helpful.

I wear medium but I don’t know how effective it is since 3.0. Before the stamina recovery was more stable in medium than light or heavy (who had wild swings of recovery time based on encumbrance level).

Use the flip back more than dodge back because it uses less stamina.

Definitely keep another weapon set on standby for range (bow or the throwing dagger/short sword combo)

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