US1-PvP - Poisoned vs Bleeding


I have noticed that any relic hunter that wields a dagger causes POISON damage instead of BLEED damage.

I have also noticed the same thing with the jaguars at the Oasis of Nekhet.


Hey @Valkyrja

We’ve sent your feedback to our team, and indeed there’s a tiny mistake in the localization of that debuff. It’s been fixed internally. Thank you for your input :slight_smile:


I had to take one for the team with the jaguars. When I thought I saw the POISON damage, I had to find another jaguar to verify it. I just stood there and let them hit me without attacking back.

It’s a very minor issue: although it is labelled as poison, it is a bleed. It’s just mislabelled :smiley:
Our team fixed it internally so thank you for bringing it up :slight_smile:


Bleeds from player-wielded daggers are also being applied as poison, including the stack limit of 10.

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