Are Poison Daggers OP now?

So I had an interesting PVP experience last week. I have quite a bit of experience in PVP but I ran into a person last week who was using poisoned daggers.

My PVP weapon of choice is 1H axes but while I could get maybe one or two hits on my opponent, he would in less than 2 seconds or so stack 10 poison on me? Because of the healing animations (drinking potion) taking time I would basically die with no hope of winning. I fought him twice before giving up…

So are poison daggers now OP? One of my clan members suggested he was using a lag cheat but I’m not sure. Thoughts? If legit, what is the best way to counter? I tried using a warhammer in the second fight (thinking it would knock him down) but while I would swing, he’d be on me and once again I had a full stack of poison on me.

Yes, poison daggers are a thing, but OP? Meh. There are ‘tools’ available to people to negate these effects. I don’t want to necessarily info dump here (hey, I gotta keep some secrets in the bag, I pvp too).

But it’s not just the daggers. There is a whole weapon set that has been around for a long time (venom infused weapon set). But now there is a whole other poison weapon set (on Siptah) that has higher damage and armor pen than the venom infused set, and they are indeed powerful. OP though? Again, there’s tools to alleviate yourself of the poison effects. Knowing what they are is part of the grind and the battle.

So I guess there’s a bit of “it’s a matter of perspective” here. Being on the receiving end of these weapons without a way to counter or account for their poison will make it feel like they’re absolutely ridiculous. On the other side, if you are on the receiving end and are equipped to deal with it, might not be such a big deal.

To your particular battle, you prefer 1h axe; you could use the 1h axe that does poison damage as well. You throw a blow on the person who was using poison daggers, they will have to pull off to debuff, buying you the same time to debuff (in theory, depending on what gear they have). OR, if you have 1h axe, pull that shield out and keep him off ya. OR go to the poisoned pike, and poke him with that poison before he deals first blow…

Please, do not take my comments as critique or judgement. They are merely a thought exercise to work through your original question “Are Poison Daggers OP now?” My answer (for the moment), is poison weapons are powerful, but not necessarily OP.

Regarding the 1H axe, I did hit him with it but it didn’t cause him to pause and he was able to run up and, as mentioned, put close to full stack on me in less than 2 seconds.

Good ideas about the shield and pike though.

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