PVP!!!Mechanisms that seriously affect balance!

In PVP, a dagger with poison only needs to be clicked continuously. Because you can no longer switch weapons quickly, the dagger is very flexible. It has seriously affected the game balance of PVP. I hope to reduce the damage of poisons to players to find the balance

i don’t even think the poison application is the problem because antidote exists right. it’s the damage the light attack does by itself and how fast the attack speed is light attack spam on daggers also benefits greatly from target lock and the auto facing mechanics that official servers have.

You can light attack spam with daggers and kill someone faster than using any other weapon simply because of how fast the attack speed is and the incredible damage light attack using daggers does…

Light attack on daggers needs to be toned down quite a bit no reason light attack on dagger is doing more damage than heavy on spear lol

I agree with you, but as far as I know, there is something that can poison me instantly, but I can’t see the enemy

could be enemy using any kind of weapon we poison and just going invis when they attack. Had the bug last night during raid hours. Fighting a large clan while raiding them and 1 of their members everytime he attacked went invis

It’s instant full of poison, but the enemy is far away from me. The dagger he uses

sounds like the magnet hack the chinese use. are you playing official servers?

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