Looking for advice in combat

So… prior to the momentum changes I was a light or medium armored fighter that relied on light weapons and bows. I could dodge, I could kite, I could dance around the field of battle and it was really fun.

Now? Not so much. I feel like the only way I can kill anything now is to be in heavy armor and have a shield. Or use a pet… both of which are incredibly lame to me.

Is my play style just dead now? Or is there some new weird attribute selections I have to take to get there again?

I really don’t want to be a heavy fighter. It’s boring. I also think bows are too dang weak - although that’s not new. Why don’t they cause bleeds? I mean that’s literally what arrows are designed to do - instill massive blood loss.

Just really frustrated and bummed out.

Does anyone know how to get back to where I was or am I just screwed?

You still can be a light fighter and dodge, although the dodge is not as fast as it used to be and the distance you actually dodge is less, you still will disjoint most attacks while dodging if you time them right.

I also prefer the medium to light armour style and even though it’s not quite the same, with some getting used to it is still a perfectly viable play style. The perk to make dodging cost less stamina helps a lot, I find myself dodging more often to compensate for the change to the dodge mechanic. But if done right and when you are used to it you can still kill World bosses without letting them hit you as long as you are careful.

With daggers and backflip.

Yeah Daggers back flip still works as it always had, but that does restrict you to one weapon choice which isn’t ideal. I rarely use daggers at all but can still viably use a light dodgy build and get by just fine.

One thing I dislike about daggers is no torch. That’s crippling at night and in dungeons and I’m not sure how to stop it. The light arrows are cool but a bit of a hindrance :frowning:

I wish you could hang a lantern off your belt or something.

Note: I LOVE that it gets dark.

So should I just respec until more momentum patches? I mean humans are pretty spry and can move better than this… especially with lateral, forward, and backwards motion. It’s really only turning at speed that’s hard. Maybe sidesteps, lunges, and back-jumps should replace rolls? They make more sense anyway.

Perhaps if armor was quickly degraded in battle? That way light and heavy armors would make sense. Heavy armor would allow you to absorb a few hits before it breaks so that when the enemy gets close to hit you, you can take it and hit back… without just being an immortal juggernaut. Sort of making armor ablative rather than a bloody forcefield?

Get a good named dancer, get a str+agi+grit build(new berserk build), give to dancer a pair of daggers and a good bow+arrows. She gonna be your support not the other way around. I prefer to use 1h axe w/trowing axes and a hammer to sunder+bomb pvp(yes using bombs) other people tank thralls. This game is now pokemon barbarian edition but that doesn’t mean you can’t subvert the meta.

There are several masks (legendary helmets) granting night vision. You can also use special powder, dropped by some NPCs found around Flotsam - consuming it will give you temporary night vision.

For dark there are few ways, one is night eye potion:

Thanks for the tips about the lights :slight_smile:

I’m starting to wonder if my stats are just horrible.

Is it even possible to be good with two weapon types? Or do you have to specialize to a single kind? Cuz if you have to specialize then archery might as well be deleted :frowning:

Are there broadly accepted minimum levels for certain stats in combat?

I ****ing hate meta T_T

Did they buff her? she used to do about half damage in FE medium.

a friend told me that nowaday it was 1h sword and rope for cancel animation, maybe you should try it i’ve found it very versatile, especialy agains multiple oponent

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