Builing, and Combat system and animarions adjustment

I feel like the versatility or desire to use certain weapons is based more on the type of weapon along with its combo rather than the immersability of the weapon itself to the player or player character for those in RP servers. I think it would be a good idea to be able to utilize the existing assets already in game, those being the weapon animations, for maces, axes and two handed weapons. I also feel ots very necessary to suggestion going backward in terms of some of the adjustments made to the combat system in conan. The loss of the sweep animation for the spears makes them almost completely lacking in any sort of appeal. The ability to be able to purchase or craft a weapon combo style should amd could be available through the archives and requires a tablet of power to create, have to be level 60 to get it. The style animations wouldnt have to alter the weapons stats or status effects. But katana weapons should swing more like two handed swords. The kick is absolutey horrendous. And its a bit off topic but a UI adjustment and a control adjustment could benefit the player greatly. The fact your “special” for every weapon is a kick is atrocious. A leaping strike for the spear, the draw attack for the katana, even throwing the spear to be able to retrieve it again. The blocking mechanic needs to be reworked immediatelty being unable to block with anything other than a shield is ridiculous. In no way should it aid as much as a shield for damage reduction but it should do something. Whitelistimg for thralls and clan alliances would make things easier for official akd community server members in seperate but friendly clans to play together without their thralls getter killed. Also. Theres an enormous delay for the orbs. The momentbthey collide then explode is off by about 5 seconds. Its a glass orb…not a grenade…smoke orbs would be nice as well as some kind of mask for smoke arrows and items to stop bleeding or midigate its effecrs would also be cool to see too. Also,
non throwable offhand weapons for proper dual wielding Lastly…


I heard rumours about thrall ai updates but id like to see more domesticated thralls also. Here are a few ideas for combative thralls.
Raiders(should be able to send out to a placed marker to attack that area and steal items)
Thieves(should be able to place a thief marker with an item selected from a similar panel to the admins. It shows items thief tier level determine how many can be selected. Thief can be killed if see or found naturally and has a chance to come back with nothing if the base does not have the item tagged. )

Most of these suggestions are dependant on rigging and scripting but itd be amazing to see.

Non combative thralls include musician entertainers,firedancers, duelist or gladiators(will only fight other duelist or gladiator in an battle standard area. Place and guard, then interact with the specific cue item. Ie a horn or gong or flag to start the fight between thralls), miners, gatherers. A trainer thrall that can increase thrall xp over time.

(i left out also, that absolutely no one… NO one, needs a hotkey for their journey. Making that button the hotbar menu button would free up l1 or Lb on console for a block option for weapons…also…please… Please
.please switch back the heavy dodge and the 4th agility perk to the old one. The double armor option kind of sucks when you could move as fast in heavy armour as you could in medium instead. )

I see you’re new here. Spears have been bugged since ages leading to certain bugs that cannot be talked about on the forums or the topic get locked and hidden. And they seem clueless on how to fix it for good.

I was very vocal a year or so ago about the fact that healing wraps where op because they didn’t had an animation, same for eating. Probably the lazyness toke the better of the developers, so instead of giving us an animation for wrapping and eating they implemented cripple when you use wraps and changed the way food effects stacks.

They are already working on a new game…i hope you know that…and while they promised they have different teams the pace at which patches are coming out make me suspicious of the contrary.

Healing wraps stop the bleeding, but you have to withdraw your weapons and be completely still, if you move or take weapons in your hands it will stop working, also you will get 5 seconds of strong cripple, they implemented this because it was probably too expensive or difficult to implement a bandaging animation like rust or other games.

But welcome to the forums. I almost forgot.

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