Visual weapons on player back (thrall also)

so umm, conan is mostly kinda fantasy realism based game. there is animations for almost everything. But as i see someone already once tryed to suggest this. without luck… So i try it myself.

Thing about weapons - they have special slots to thrall or player inventory i think. But animation looks like it is taken out of mid air. i suggest add new spots like for armour it is already, but for weapons, and weapons player use will be sitting holstered based from where animation picks them up even now

daggers - from sides holstered…
axe and short swords also on side
shield/ and big weapons on back.

maybe mini improvement but based that animations basically use magic appear on weapons this mayt be nice to make

Brace yourselves, mod recommendations incoming…

I like it visible equipment, at the least for weapons and an option (checkbox in the corner of a quickslot) to disable it if you don’t want to display the weapon in the chosen slot.

There’s a huge variety of clothes and armor in the game, as well as the option to run around naked. Each set of clothes would require separate “mounts” for the weapons, so as to prevent clipping or floating weapons. And ideally, scabbards or sheaths.

And if you think realism, spears and such can’t really be “holstered”. You’d always carry a spear in your hand.

Then again, considering how we carry all of our building pieces, workstations, piles of logs, etc. in our magical Eega Beeva pockets, I see no reason to treat weapons any differently. I mean, sure, swords in scabbards would look good if done properly and not clipping through our mail skirts - but I don’t think it’s strictly necessary. At least any immersion in my eyes would still break as soon as I dig the first foundation block out of my bare arse.

As a RPG, players tend to hide their weapons for an attempt at a friendly meet with other players.

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