Weapon visibility while equiped

Weapons should be visible while equiped like in Age of Conan or Witcher 3. Just like armor.


I’m pretty sure the issue here is the hotbar can hold numerous weapons. And how to determine what is on display.

It’s a nice idea for immersion or roleplay. Just in this case it becomes more difficult to manage properly. I remember this suggestion came up several months ago.

If it just used whatever you used last on the hotbar, then it could range from any number of tools and weapons. The issue with clipping comes into play as well. You have to make sure the weapons sit properly on back or hip without going through the body.

I think the reason it isn’t in mostly is that it is a big hassle.

I know you are a PS4 player so without being mean I will say that there is a mod that does exactly this. Last weapon equipped and last tool. It looks really cool. But I would also wish for it to be an official thing as to give the console guys the feature and not requiring mods when looking for other servers. I don’t know what the chances are but one can only hope…

Sorry to disappoint but Funcom has said a blunt no to visible weapons.
They stated various reasons but it bluntly down to cash and time … to get it done each weapon/tool would need to have its sheathed position, drawing and sheathing motion to be mapped and then coded. All would need their animations checked again all current and future armor designs so they don’t clip. All this needs more people resources and time than they have available or are willing to invest in. They still have issues with basic body physics breaking when people change their characters height.
(Not to mention the code to resolve which of the 8 items on the hot bar are to be displayed)

A spear on me back might break it

Fashionist Mod already does this. Does it have clipping issues? yes, but it more then worth it being able to see your sword at your side and the shield on your back…

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Sword goes on the back too… Not to nitpick, but…Yeah…'Less it’s a katana of course! XD
I agree overall though, it does bring alot of… Joy? I suppose, being able to run around and seeing weapons hanging from your back, instead of just poof and they’re gone…
Hell, even the clipping is really not that major, in my opinion.

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Honestly my answer to “is seeing weapons worth also seeing bad-clipping?” is “no”. I’ve played Age of Conan for many years and the clipping issues they have there envoke a constant response of “well THAT is poorly coded by Funcom, aaaannnddd they can’t be bothered fixing it, pfft typical”. Some clipping is worse than others and I stopped wearing certain combinations of vanity gear because of the clipping issues.

WoW had some bad armor/weapons clipping issues… and they are not a small company…

At the end of the day, it’s useful for roleplay and little else.

I can agree with Funcom’s reaction. Their time and money are better served on other improvements and content additions to the game.

Sounds to me like whoever made the mod should get paid and make it official.
Edit: sorry to elaborate I love the aesthetic of monster Hunter world and I’m sure you’ve seen the clipping there. I can’t be alone so I think the option to have them visible would be appealing to more players

For roleplay and other means it will be good right… but we have 8 slots of “equipped” things and this is an issue.

For example I never leave my fortress without sword and shield, daggers, a 2 hands sword, a spear and a bow…

I definitely get where you’re coming from. I only think an option would be nice. Say a toggle In the settings by the nudity option. If two slots were dedicated to on hand/off hand it would only display what you have in those two slots. I don’t think it would be just for role play. Personally if I wanted to rp i’d play d&d or something. To me showing the weapons would add another layer of immersion.

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