Visible weapons on the body

please oh great funcom gods…
for the love of yamir’s blue frozen balls please do it…
give us visible weapons when sheathed!

im willing to let you have more of my money if tis a dlc or something…
but please! pretty please!


This would make sense for a different type of game where you could only have a certain number of weapons slotted at any given time, such as The Witcher.

For Conan Exiles, however, this proves much more difficult because you can have multiple weapons on your hot bar. Sure, we could make two designated ‘visible’ weapon slots, but then what’s the point of visibly seeing the weapons if someone can swap to a hidden spear?

Unless you are speaking from a roleplay standpoint, I don’t think this is feasible. And even if it were, then I’d have to start worrying about whether or not my weapon-of-choice clashes with my outfit! lol

The visible weapon or tool would be the last you used and just sheated. That already would make a HUGE difference in immersion, its very dumb to see weapons vanish in a Conan game, everyone loves to see the weapon being pulled out from the sheath, and bows could even use a quiver skin too.


Ok to that end I understand where you’re coming from and kind of agree. My concern would be new players not understanding that it’s sort of cosmetic/immersive-based and not reflective of what the enemy is actually going to use against you - however - people who know this will know better than to trust that the equipped weapon is that player’s strongest, and most everyone will benefit from the increased immersion.

Immersion doesn’t really work in this game to begin with.

I mean, look at it realistically.

Your character is capable of carrying a number of large foundation stones, walls, ceiling panels, etc. When realistically, even one of those foundations would weigh hundreds of pounds in a realistic setting.

The same with loose materials. I’ve carried hundreds of pieces of stone or wood, that would weigh far more than I should legitimately be able to carry anywhere else.

I think they could spend their time on something more meaningful. Sheaths would be nice, until you look at the work that would go into it.

You’d need different sheath models for different tools or weapons. You’d need animations covering all of those different items. Both sheathing and unsheathing versions.

To say nothing of how it’d work when you swapped from one weapon to the next via Hotbar, in the middle of a fight. Such as swapping from weapon to truncheon.

It’d require the sheath on your back or hip to also jerk to something else. Or else that change only takes place when you go to unequip the weapon.

But that to seems like it’d break immersion far more. I mean, one minute you are running around with a shoulder harness for a 2H weapon, the next it swaps to a hip harness for a 1H weapon, most likely a pick, hatchet, pickaxe, skinning knife, or cleaver.

Which makes the RP work around look something like this:

Kill creature with 2H weapon
-open Hotbar
Swap to Skinning Knife
-open Hotbar
Switch back to 2H weapon
-open Hotbar
Select 2H weapon again to unequip it so you aren’t slowed while moving forward.

All to return your 2H visible item to your character.

I’ve done RP in games online, and honestly that just comes across as an annoyance to me.

The concept of a fixed slot, such as N E W or S, to always display that weapon and only that weapon, would probably work so much more efficiently.

visually it would be meaningful alot…you could tell what your target is using and based ur approuch based on it…i can tell u how many times i was scouting a village where i was wondering if that lone guy have a javelin that will blast me up as soon as i go close to him or a bow… this game is 100% immersiveish alot you just need to see it… and it better then not having it at all…it will just improve the game… and about carrying materials again its how far your imagination and creativity and ur rp sense gos… i for a change do not carry foundations or stuff like that…but even if i would it could work if you think the foundation or the furance in your inventory is just scrolls of blueprint of the thing and as if you carry the furnace in your pocket…but also you could round it up by saying… “magic”…or cistering…

It wouldn’t really work like that, aside from with NPCs.

It’s certainly not going to work with players, who could have something “weak” showing on their character, and then swap to something deadlier as soon as a fool rushes in to attack them.

It honestly just seems like a lot of effort on the part of Funcom, when they could instead be releasing new pets, new armors, new dungeons, just new stuff to do in general.

then the fool who rush to attack deserve to be butcherd…if he cant think few steps forward “what if” …basic sense…spacialy in a survival setting…

So how exactly is that any different from the way the game is now?

I mean…you have no idea what another player may be wielding unless you see them wielding it. So you have to anticipate what they -could- have to fight you with.

So why exactly do we need some sheath showing a weapon on their body, when 9 times out of 10, they are going to have something weaker than they actually use to trick people. So most of those thinking “what if” are going to be ignoring the sheath in the first place.

So literally, why have it? Mention was made of immersion, but it’s not immersion because the good players are going to ignore it anyways.

then whats use is there for nudity?..its all eye candy…and seeeing your weapon on u is too… or im the only one who think that?..

But nudity was built into the game already. It’s not something Funcom has to waste manpower on for the coding and animations.

PvPers will ignore it.
RPers will probably like it, but there are far less of them than there are PVPers.

I’d rather they spent their time and energy on meaningful additions to the game. New weather, events, dungeons, races, factions, weapons, armor, building pieces, etc.

To be fair, if nudity wasn’t already in the game, I’d make the same argument about someone asking for nudity to be included. It’s something that at this point in the design, should not be taking up their time.

I would like to see sheathed weapons but not if it would bug the game. Plenty of things need to be fixed first…

Immersion in video games are visual, if you bring that “dont fit realism” every time just because our characters can carry tons of stuff, no game would be immersive.

I play PvP, and I think it would be awesome to have visual weapons sheated, it cost time? Manpower? Development? Sure thing, like everything else, everyone loves to see a polished game, if you don’t care about this, its ok, but don’t flame peoples taste, if people ask for weapons sheated (and this request is frequent and will continue to be), its because people want to see more details in the game, and those details make a difference for a lot of ppl, pvpers and roleplayers.

I appreciate more to make the game feel beautiful like an AAA game, that weapons sheated included, I dont care if cost development resources, its the company’s job am I right? Do I have to pay for it? I will if need to, I just want to see the game shine, if others do, why not this one?

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Sure it would add more polish to the game. I just think there are many more important things that can be done before we worry about something like that.

  1. Bug Fixes
  2. New Dungeons / Locations
  3. New Weapons / Armor
  4. New Items / Crafting Recipes
  5. New Thrall Types / More Named Thralls
  6. New Building Pieces and Placeables
  7. New Races and Factions
  8. New Monsters and Bosses
  9. New Pet Types

All of that is more important for the game in the long run, because things like that will draw in more players, which means more money for them to use on improving Conan Exiles even further.

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while yes it is possible to do it… Ive done it as a proof of concept … for PC only Its isnt too hard to do it. The real issue would be what kind of conditional argument would you want to have the server to tell you and the other player to see. I think letting modder handle stuff like these and less funcom would mean far better experience. Like you said you like to RP. Then join a RP server that has that mod loaded.

tey already have age of conan music and animations in exiles…so why not add also the aoc visible weapons mechanics?..

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