The game needs seriously this feature... SHEATHING

I’m sure now Conan is very proud of the game :fist_left: but the feature of visible sheathed weapons is a must for a brutal setting like Conan’s universe.

Probably I’m only nostalgic from the times of Age Of Conan, when my conqueror walked around with his greatsword shining on his back, but that feature would revolution the way we look at our and other PGs, I’m sure about that. I think watching at other players and seeing all their different styles and choises of equipment gives an atmosphere of roleplay, adventure, exploration, adrenaline. But that does not stop at armors: players get a totally different shape/look/personality with their weapons on their back, which talks alone and incutes fear/security in other minds!

Funcom already knows how to implement a feature like this since that was very present in AoC. In Conan Exiles, where we got up to 8 item slots, they could make a special slot (slot 1?) which shows the weapon/tool. I hope I’m not the only one wanting those epic and awesome visible sheated weapons in future. What you guys think?


Sometimes I just smash my head at a wall to try to ignore how silly other people are…

Ha, at least you could see how many steaks and cooked fish a guy had in his inventory by how many hanging on his belt.

Thanks for the laugh!

I agre, while some doesnt think this is important, having the weapons visible sheated helps a lot with immersion. Of course it doesnt need to show your entire action bar, but a one hand weapon slot, two hand, shield, bow and quiver would be lovely enough.

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I need to punctualize this: to me the great feature would be showing ONLY one, the main, weapon/tool the player uses. That would be enough and awesome.

Aww. You ruined my fun. I wanted to see all that crap on people lol

But, in all seriousness, I do agree with you that would be cool.

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