Sheathed Weapons - Small but a gamechanger

Hey Funcom, and fellow Conan Exiles players.

Recently i’ve been playing on some servers with the Fashionista mod. And one of the features of this mod is that the last tool/weapon you used is on your back/waist after you sheathe it. For example if i have been using a two-handed sword to kill and a skinning knife to skin, i would have the sword on my back and the skinning knife hanging on my left hip. There’s no actual sheathe or anything. They’re just sort of “there”. But for someone reason i found that this was a huge gamechanger when it came to immersion. And i have found it hard to not be annoyed by the lack of this feature when playing on official servers.

So i was wondering if there are any plans to add something like this to the vanilla game, atleast as and option you could turn on and off. I really hope someone at funcom sees this and considers the option as it vastly improves immersion for me. (And probably others, but i can’t speak for them).

Thanks for an amazing game, hope you will take this into consideration :slight_smile:


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