Continued, sheaths, cloaks, pouches, holsters

Continuing the discussion from Sheaths, bags, cloaks, pouches, caps, withdraw and return weapon animation for holstered weapons:

A lot of weapons and tools already clip through the character models. So clipping wouldn’t be much of an issue


Good one, if we keep this loud enough, devs will make it happen (likely), go go community !


Heck yeah! Just seing the stuff in your quick select wheel on your body would be sick!


but hope you dont “badjer” them too much :slight_smile: (badger)

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Yes, agree. Visible sheathed weapons please! All the cool games have this. Skyrim does it, and ins’t that like an 8 year old game?

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+1, visible weapons while sheathed will be really great, especially on roleplay server.

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