Add Visible Weapons it makes the look of ur Char way more cooler =)

It would make it look way nicer when u see what u have crafted and can show to other people.
In conan online there was the same thing, weapons where visible. nakes thge look way way better.

How about we get a lot of viewes to make this happen =)


You know only way they do this if limited on 2 weapons it be very hard to get every weapon combo in all slots. So no waste of resources.

I thought of this too, wonder if it’d be possible in a mod. Like just show what’s in your #1 and/or 2 slot

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In Age of Conan online every single weapon and shield was visible. Anf i geuss there where more games in total.

I understand if you have only one set of weppons but now whiit the hottbar you have almost all in the belt.

Make the 1st slot only accept weapons. No tools, no buildings or consumables. Make the object in that slot visible on the char. Bows and twohanders hang on the back, one-haders by the side. Done.

would be a good addition

I would love this as well. Designated Weapon and or Shield slots should show.

I saw in a livestream the devs talking about this subject, and they say something in those lines:

" About visible weapons, it depends in how much you care about clipping right? see, in WOW all your weapons are visible but they will clip in pretty much everything, but a game like the new god of war, the weapon won’t clip in the great majority of things but you can only have two weapons. "

So I would say that the reason that they haven’t done that yet is that they don’t know how much they do care about clipping in this game, once they get a consensus on that, they’ll think about dedicating some developing time into that.

Personally, I love me some visible weapons, There was a mod in Skyrim called “armed to the teeth” which later become integrated with an equipment overhaul mod, that allowed you to see every single weapon you wanted to see, without caring about clipping at all, so you could have 3 greatswords overlapping in you back without problems. And I never cared too much about that, I just enjoyed to see my character with all the tools he had on him.

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