Display of weapons on the character

Dear developers, game 4 years old, but you still not added this feature. That feature must have by default from start, like in others similar games. It isn’t so hard, even modmakers did it long time ago (Fashionist). Add this please.


Don’t forget that the game has dozens of different sets of armor and clothing. Each of these would need a separate attachment point for weapons, so that the weapons would behave like they’re part of the outfit and not clip through the armor or clothing graphics. And each weapon would need to be modeled accordingly. It’s an enormous effort.

And then there’s the point that some weapons can’t be “worn”. A sword or dagger can be easily worn on the hip, but something like a spear or bow cannot.

And when we can run around in nothing but a loincloth, or naked altogether - where exacly are we carrying our weapons? I’ve seen some mods where a sword simply floats across our naked back. That’s not exactly realistic either.

What you’re not taking into account that the feature is easy to make badly, but it’s a helluva lot of work to do well.


What a weird thing to say. You didn’t work on the Fashionist project, why would you be the judge to declare that “it isn’t so hard”? You are puffing your chest for a project you’ve never worked on.

The actual author has given plenty of education on the matter. Funcom has said that it’s something they’ve considered themselves but have to contend with console performance issues, Fashionist does not.

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That’s not exactly realistic either

Agree, but absence of this feature more unrealistic.

Argee too, you are right. But if any game have this visual feature, and guys form fashionist amatour development team can do it - it’s mean fancom team can do it easy, they professionals.

Welcome to the forums, @s1J :slight_smile:

I mean, it would be nice, but it’s far from a must have. And, as @Kapoteeni pointed out, it would be far from trivial to implement it in a way that swaps the current set of immersion-breaking behavior for a new, different set of immersion-breaking behavior.

No disrespect meant to @Testerle, because I absolutely love his Fashionist mod and I know that modding is complicated and messy work, but I think any modder will agree that Funcom has to meet higher standards. Again, I don’t say that out of disrespect for modders, but it’s simply because players have to pay Funcom for the game, so there’s a higher degree of obligation involved on Funcom’s part.


Thx man, for welcomes and rest, you’re say essential true! I completely agree with you.

Also, the fact that which weapon is the one shown? I do not use fashionistas (or any mods) but my guess is it is purely cosmetic. Hence why it is not high on the list of improvements by Funcom. And as a pvper, I prefer functionality over cosmetic…especially when it has anything to do with armor or weapons. I prefer balancing the combat vs the rp of devorations. Again, not saying you shouldn’t want it. But for me, it would be one of the last updates ever from Funcom, after they fix bugs and balance combat.

i always find it astonishing how you can always read a devaluation of the modder’s work in such demands. learn to mod and then we’ll talk about “easy” again in 6-12 months.


Actuallly it should have been from start as in tons of similar games) And topic like that never been appear :man_shrugging:

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Time is a limited resource, just like computing power. The upper limit for computing power is not the average gamer pc, but the console with the lowest performance to which the game is compatible. This results in corresponding limitations for all platforms. Funcom will avoid implementing a feature for only one of the supported platforms. You can’t offer it for all platforms => feature will be ignored or set to a very low priority, because that can never be the goal, at least not for Funcom.

So let’s go back to the release or early access phase of the game and look at how many optimization patches we got since the first version. Even promised features like mounts were first dropped due to resource constraints and were then only possible after a lot of optimization. There just comes a point where further optimization is simply not worth it anymore. Attention! Exaggerated example: if i have to invest 5000 developer days to free 0.5% more resources then it’s not worth the effort. I don’t think we’ve reached that point, but it should be clear: resources are an important factor in the implementation of new features. It has to be weighed up what i use these resources for since they are finite.

And now to the point why there are mods that implement exactly these very desired features. As a modder, I can completely ignore 2 of the 3 platforms. There are no mods for consoles. So my measure of things is the average gamer pc, and to be honest, even that is not a real limit for a mod. The implementation is not part of the base game. If a computer is too weak for what the mod has implemented then you simply remove the mod and it no longer has any effect. This is not that easy when implemented in the basic game. I can’t remove it. Offering settings that disable the feature is a possibility, but makes little sense if it is clear from the start that the feature will not work for 2 of 3 platforms. This brings us back to the point above: Funcom only implements a feature if it can be used for all platforms. A mod is implemented when a modder feels like it, regardless of other platforms or the average gamer pc

Some examples that have been requested again and again, but have not yet been implemented by funcom despite the high demand:

  • Show weapons on the char: each displayed weapon requires resources, especially since it is displayed on an animated object. These resources should really not be underestimated. This display can make the difference between smooth gameplay and lags as soon as another player appears in my render range
  • Armor racks: a real resource hog. Every piece of armor that is displayed has physics and thus moves in the wind, is animated. If you place a handful of these armor racks in a small area, you will notice relatively quickly with weaker pcs when you come near them. The need for resources is therefore very high for having such a simple feature

In summary, I understand the wishes, but I can also understand why some of them simply remain unanswered. maybe at some point we will see one or the other feature in the basic game. We also thought that the mounts are off the table, but I wouldn’t really put too much hope on them, because both of the features I mentioned do not offer the playful added value that the mounts have, but would consume a significant part of the available resources

Otherwise I would advise against sentences like “it’s easy, even a mod does it”, unless you are a modder yourself and have an idea what you are talking about. Fashionist has been developed for over 3.5 years and I’ve spent almost 3800 hours in the devkit in total - not only with Fashionist. I think “easy” doesn’t really apply there.


I really respect modders they create magic! But i talking about professional, who sell to us ready product.

Don’t bother with suggestions that modders have made. From time to time, Funcom will adopt some of these mods into the game, usually quality of life stuff.

so you didn’t understand what I wrote? it wasn’t that hard actually :man_shrugging:

it is my dream, from first hour when i start to play)

Easy or hard or something like that, anyway you and most of modders doing magic. I understand your feelings because often faced with same situations related with my job. I graphic designer, looks my works people often says “wow”, “awesome”, “beatiful” etc, but for me it just 2-6 hours of work, for them it’s 10 years practice. But go back to discussion. I would like a drop of realism in this fancom setting.

hopeless, I’ll just let you keep dreaming

Not say that! :sob:

Lol, have you seen or used Testerle’s mod? It is extremely high quality and professional both in design and management.

I alredy understand what fashionist it his mod (or not :crazy_face:?), but he isn’t developer of CE and i talking about professionalism of developers, who must do same or better, and not leave details like that on moders shoulders.