The idea of visual display of weapons on the body belts and sheaths for weapons

dear developers please tell me, did you think to make a visual display of weapons on the body of the character? I think this system will make the character more real. if there are those who agree, please support this idea. Want to see the sword on the back or side, you can come up with belts for carrying weapons. I really hope for help. that my idea will be supported by others. and that it will appeal to developers. if possible please tell me your opinion. character having on the body of a belt for weapons or scabbard with a sword, a bag of supplies, looks natural and more alive.I hope that I will be supported

I agree with you and it’s been brought up before but I believe it currently is a game engine issue they haven’t worked around yet.

I agree with you, but it’s a good idea.

a large number of people say they agree with me.

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