Visual display of weapons on the body belts and sheaths for weapons. developers how to make me hear? why does no one care about the atmosphere of the game? I want the game to live long

why are there no weapons on the body? I think this system will make the character more real. if there are those who agree, support this idea. If you want to see the sword on the back or side, you can come up with belts to carry weapons. I really hope for your help. that my idea will be supported by others. and it will appeal to developers. if possible Please tell me your opinion. the character, who has a belt for weapons or scabbard with a sword, bag with supplies, looks natural and lively.I hope that I will be supported the game has a great good balance, a beautiful world, a great editor. a few changes, minimal costs, and the game will be transformed.imagine a Gran Turismo in which the car has no wheels. there is a beautiful track, a lot of spectators in the stands, beautiful clouds over the nürburgring or the Daytona and the car is drawn perfectly, but there are no wheels how can you forget? after all, this machine is always in front of my eyes.


Only if a belt is equipped.

There is nothing I hate more than wearing a shield on the back. The character will end up looking like a shield with legs.


now the character looks as if he has forgotten things at home


or just not wear a shield

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or just not have this feature be a thing.

Unless you mean, a harness to display each weapon…

I.e. a Holster for 1 handed swords. A shoulder-sling for Greatswords and Javelins. A back-strap for shields.

And if you are not wearing a harness, it’s invis? I could live with that.


that would be wonderful. Holster for 1 two-handed sword. The bandage on your shoulder for two-Handed swords and javelins. The rear panel of the boards.

There’s a danger that this might escalate into:

“We want encumberance bonus on those belts…”
“We want encumberance backpacks with our weapons showing!”

Conan Exiles is kind of reaching the end of it’s developement cycle on September 4th… don’t think they will have time for this, when half the team get’s re-assigned to the new conan game…

the atmosphere of the game is lost. many guys had their own servers, but left the game, very sorry. I hope someone makes a mod.

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the game is good, but unfinished it has good prospects, it is silly to throw such a project, it could bring profit.

Ouch, that’s cruel! :sob:

If you want to be heard, you might want to think of shorter titles. And not doubleposting the idea?

Honestly I couldnt care less.
The only time that would work out was if we put the weapon/tool away using said key. Because if we simply press the number of said weapon, I dont think it will work out…
Also what to do when thinking about someone who mines?

Should Funcom limit 2 slots to weapons and have those always being shown - eighter drawn or in their holster/whereever?
I would be in on that, because it would mean its not as easy to use multiple kinds of weapons anymore, but rather having people to become experts with their weapons.

What should they stop developing in favor of this idea?
I guess lots of people are hoping for sorcery.
And a ton of more people are hoping for further fixes.

Well, the bonus encumbrance on the backpack at least made sense!
Those belts… Would be about agility if anything! :crazy_face:

They did some kind of time line showing what they wanted to implement until full launch.
They back then said they would do the same for anything thats happening after full release. (If I remember that one correctly.)
Lots of stuff which was “promised” (rather almost announced) got cut for the time being in favor of the combat rework and stuff.
-> Ah, right. It was when the north got announced.
It was presented rather weird, as if that one would be free and future ones might be dlcs to buy.
After some flame (which I totally didnt take part in, uhm… crap.) they said everything which has been meant for EA will be free updates. If I remember correctly, only mounts and sorcery is left from back then. (I might be wrong again!)

That basically means they still got some more stuff to do.
And the future stuff they might do… Aww… come one, that cannot be the end to it! :sob: :pray:


of course witchcraft and stones are more important than weapons in the wild world of Conon

…and the whole settlement system (no, arbitrarily making thralls need food but otherwise stand around like dummies does not count!). Arguably what the whole game is about, if you’re not heavily into PVP combat: building, thriving, all that jazz.

I mean the building part is pretty solid, and I can’t really complain about that - but then it was pretty solid from day one of EA. Kinks and weird stuff, but generally solid. So you can build an entire city. You just can’t do much with it - post guards who are dumb as a rock, and static crafters hammering away whether they’re actually doing anything or not, 24x7.

Yes, I’m still somewhat bitter about that.

Ahh, thanks for reminding me. I guess I deemed it impossible, but yes that thing was still announced. Only put in the back I think - or had it been cut entirely? :thinking:

Uhm… Yes?
New features which add to the game are always more important than some visual stuff - which on top is unclear how it is supposed to work.
The problem lies in the hotbar allowing on each spot any kind of building piece, tool or weapons.
Should the character show the 2h spear, the 1h weapon of choice+shield/throwing weapon, the 2h sword, the bow or the hammer?
To display weapons even when sheated requires dedicated slots for weapons only; while not allowing weapons in any else hotbar slot.
But that my dear would defeat the whole stance this type of games is about.
While I would agree to limiting myself to my chosen weapons, other people wont be happy about that!

Oh yes, that one was cruel back then. For everyone who doesnt know: Imagine the smiths sound being there all the time and probably 100 times louder. People would store their smiths in the crafting bench instead of leaving him hammer away. … And now imagine 4 of them… :crazy_face::sob:
I guess the crafters could be solved without a problem. If nothing is on the queue in said crafting station, just let them idle. The defensive thralls walking around would be more of a problem. Not to mention tying them to their rooms/beds and having them do their stuff.

You do realise, when people go raid a base, they usually carry up to 5 weapons, right?

This has been suggested loads of times already. They have a small team - things like this are great, but not a priority.

guys, I’m telling my money to the server, 3 server was working, 2 were closed, people left, ask people what you need in the game, priorities are not correct

what follows from this?

and it is enough for others, and how to be, to do nothing?

do you want to see the weapons on the body of the character?

How dumb will it look when someone has 5 weapons displayed on him/her?