Weapons/shield visible on character & bonuses apply when sheated and visible on character

Example (Fashionist mod, on Steam workshop):

Right now, the bonuses only apply when you have them ready (fighting stance); I definitively think they should apply if they are visible like that on your character, they’re equipped, only not unsheated.

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Is that a mod I cant have my weapons sheathed nor my shield on my back on console?

You have to use the wield/unwield button. Is not default on pc for controller, I had to sacrifice the emotes for that one.
For keyboard is X.

Do u know what it is on xbox

Sorry, the latest console I own is PS2.

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Weapon visibility is a mod. Fashionist. You will need to take your feedback to the mod author.


I want that on PS4, would be great seeing weapon/shield carried when not in use


Same that would be so immersive instead of whipping a hammer from my pockets lol . Sucks its a mod I got excited for a minute haha !

It would be an improvement if done well. I tried the Fashionist mod version, and turned it off as soon as I figured out how. The weapons hang in an unnatural way and clip with other equipment and the character’s body. That’s not the kind of quality an actual game developer could release in good conscience.

It also looks silly when the character is nude but the weapon just sort of hangs on his/her back anyway. Need to rub it pretty hard on those body hairs to get the static electricity required to hold five pounds of metal and wood. I actually find it breaks immersion less to have those weapons and tools vanish altogether into the same Eega Beeva pockets where I store the 2000 stone, twenty bowls of soup, a table and several sets of spare armor when walking around naked.

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So you mean when the shield is in your action slot it will hang on your back and give you the buff right?then if you don’t want it to give you the buff?hide it in your inventory? Then what about having several shields and weapons in ten of your action slots,will all give their buffs? I will agree with this,visual+buff if we get like only two weapon slots + one for the shield and the rest,heals,food etc,in their respective slots. But for now just visuals will be awesome!))) why don’t we have that,dunno

You’re sounding outright delusional, first of all, we’re talking Funcom here, so don’t ever expect that much quality in the first place (as exhibit A just look a the thrall ai, 'nuff said), second of all, clipping is something that will be here for at least another 20 years, or until you can have a game where literally every little model has collision and it doesn’t tank performance. I mean, you haven’t seen GoW4? That’s as AAA as you can get, and even there there’s some clipping with the armors Kratos can equip.

I get it, you don’t like the clipping, it rubs you the wrong way, but don’t say it like it’s the worst thing in the world and it’s absolutely unacceptable in a videogame.

It’s not the worst thing in the world. It’s not absolutely unacceptable. But I’d really, really not want a feature that adds more of it into the game.

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