Sheathed weapons option

Probably self explanatory…

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Over on modded serves you have to walk around with a stick on your back. Its dumb looking.

The fashionust mod (Probably spelled that wrong) lets you have weapons on your back and tools on your belt.

Unfortunately I’m on a PS4 version… I was thinking it would be good to have it as a equipped weapon and it can free up slots for building etc

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Oh I see. Yeah can’t help you then.

Testerle, who made the Fashionist mod, described the difficulty in making the feature official in great detail recently.

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I would imagine they could do some trickery and use the single weapon slot display rack but deconstruct it to just be a weapon holder… then its just the same as the Skyrim style at least.

The problem is, our armors have a huge variety of shapes and sizes. There would need to be different anchor points for weapons for every armor. Compare a Zamorian Thief armor with e.g. Hyrkanian Raider, and you can’t just place a weapon on the belt at the same point in our paper doll. Each weapon would need its own physics for each piece of armor we have.

So it’s not just “making a weapon slot for the paper doll”. It’s making a slot for dozens, if not hundreds, of different paper dolls.

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