Visible weapons

I would like to suggest the feature, that weapons/shields wouldnt be hidden, after you unequip them. Its more a immersive feature, but it would be very cool to run around with a two-handed sword on your back. Also oneself can assess other players (combat ready or not?) much better from further away.

Maybe it is possible to declare three extra slots just for arming (left and right hand plus bow/crossbow). And these slots will be the non-hidden-ones…

OR and maybe simpler: What about showing just the last equiped weapon or tool. So you just used the bow. You press X and then it will be seen on your back.

What do you think?

Btw. Sorry for my english…


I really like the idea, for the roleplay server it will be way more immersive.

It’s been on the drawing board for a while. Honestly, I wouldn’t expect it any time soon as there are far more pressing matters to address and projects to finish, but it’s something they’ve said they’d love to try and implement at some point, provided they have enough resources

At least its on the board. :slight_smile:

I was going to make a thread about this myself, but seeing as I’m new on the Forum I can’t.

I fully support the idea of having weapons visible on your character. It adds to the immersion but it also tells other players what weapon you may have equipped.

A problem with this however, could be that if you have more than 1 weapon equipped to your hotbar, your character could be covered in weapons. This is a silly thing to think about but, for the sake of argument, having your weapons displayed on your character model could introduce a couple of problems.

One solution to this would be to make it so that weapons are equipped to the character the way armor is. The same way it’s done in MMORPGs.

That could introduce other problems such as switching between tools or weapons in the future. Right now we’re free to switch between weapons equipped to the hot bar, but the introduction of this would make it so that you can only ever equip two weapons at a time, although I don’t see a reason why you couldn’t carry more with you in your inventory.

Yeah, the minecraft UI has to go.
Or atleast expand it so it has a left and right hand slot so that weapons and other hand held items you use go there, and is displayed on your back or something when not in use.

In the last stream they said it’s way too much work to add that to the game.

It might be, but then again it won’t be.
Just look at the work put in to the mod “age of calamitous” that’s done by very few people, and it turns Conan Exiles into a beautifull crowded game full of visuals and quality of life things.

If a modder can achieve it, i think funcom should be able to do so aswell, or atleast buy the rights for the mod.

But i’m off topic now, this was just about the visible weapons and it wouldn’t be that hard.

I would gladly pay them for that work to be part of a DLC.

I would gladly pay if this was a feature. But im a little afraid this project will get a few updates then be dead within 6 months. unless the modding community does some amazing stuff that draws in money, i dont think CE is gonna be especially long lasting

It depends, all games have their crowd, there are people hooked enough to make it last for a good amount of time, hell CE kinda remembers me Rune Classic back the early years, and when i saw it on steam, i went to see if there were people who play the game and whoa!

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If there are one more guy in whole Earth wanting to spare a duel, its fine. And I have a feeling that this will take years to happen!

The cool thing in this survival scheme, its the fact that you don’t need a solid story , start play finish (althoughSPOILER theres the bracelet removal ) But the players build the server story, clan wars, battle tales, thievering, murder, harrassment, you name it, its endless possibilities, sometime there is an Alpha Clan, and sometime later there is another, one falls, another rises, rules change, and server behavior with that.

With Sepermeru being neutral we can expect a lot of improvement about Settlement System, with vendors we will get QoL in addition beauting the immersion, we can even have some sort of trading system, like an auction house built by players. Would like to see that in New Asgarth, the Black Galleon and the other one in the swamp.

Totally agree. I dont know why it became so hard for some games to add this feature (like fallout 4), but your hero look is not complete whithout holstered weapon. I guess there are some technical issues with that feature , but it would be nice to see it in the game

This touches on a few other problems. Apparently there are a finite number of visual slots on the character models. It seems that adding more slots is very difficult or time consuming. Right now there are several requests that hinge on more slots being made available such as backpacks, cloaks and jewelry.

Yeah they most def. need to add more visual slots imo.

Like i suggested, its not really necessary to add more slots. Just holster the last (after pressing X) used weapon (forget the tools).
For the beginning, i personally doesn’t even need a visual sheat. Just stick the two-handed weapons (and shields) on the back and the one-handed to the hip.