Visible weapons when not equipped

Hi everyone! I just started playing this game three days ago, and I’m in love with everything. This is my first survivor + sandbox game, and I’m in love with the ambience and the medium fantasy atmosphere.

I come from MMORPGs and this is so brilliant! Also, I’m that weird guy that uses to roleplay, so I was always looking for a way to change the things around me and I think I found it.

Talking about realism, I love to feel I’m playing a game for adults. You’re free to do everything you want at that savage world and the nature will always be a challenge for you. The best thing is that we don’t use magic to cheat. And I noticed that the developers took care to create a penis, they put ARMPIT HAIR on their characters, this is really amazing!

But I miss a thing. I don’t know how important it is for the developers or for other players, but I love to see the weapons on my back when I’m just walking around or using my tools during the crafting time. I’m suggesting it

I would love so see my sword and shield, and the bow (PLEASE, WITH THE QUIVER) on my character. But not only one at a time. All of them at the same time, because this is beautiful! Few games use to risk this visual aspect on their characters, and at a game when all the players have the same origins, without classes, only their efforts to became someone would give personality for their gameplay.

Please, think about it! And I know, this is not easy to do.

Some examples:



Been answered a few times, a summary is: it’s not going to happen. It was deemed not worth it on an effort/effect basis.

Oh, what a pity :frowning:

Yet they added a trebuchet…

Don’t give up. Who are they making this game for, if not their players? Tell them what you want, and rally like-minded players around you.

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A long long time ago, though… and they’re still bugged, too.

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