Combat is messed up

Why did you mess up the combat,i have to target lock an enemy which is stupid,I’m missing the target way more becausethe camera is spinningaround and my characterfollows the camera,the enemy can hit me no matter what way tgere facing,forget multiple enemies since you can only block the one you have targeted,ive changed camera settings and it did nothing,fix the game,im not getting a quality game like the advertisements say

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Try holding forward when attacking. It works to adjust the attacks to where you think they should go almost like before. The only thing you can’t do is flip the camera 180 and attack directly behind, it will only turn your character around 90-120 (depending on weapon) at a time between combo steps. Though in my testing you would be fully turned by the second attack due to the changes to redirection during attack frames.

The problem is when you try to attack while standing still. It will only attack in the direction your character is facing and not to where the camera is facing. But directional input fixes that. The fix they need to do here is to have attacks aim towards the aiming point. But we won’t see anything there until after the holidays. There’s quite a few agencies on vacation atm.

Attacks actually aiming toward the aiming point?!? What a concept! Some people, though, acted like I were crazy to suggest this should be a thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t believe the change was intentional. As like I explained in the WASD thread, I didn’t even know what the problem people were having was until it was explained to me in a conversation with some fellow players on discord.

I’ve always held forward while attacking to be able to redirect my character at all times and never really attacked from a ‘flat footed’ position. I’m not saying the change is minimal, its not, because while I do attack from a move or while moving 95% of the time, 5% is still 1 out of 20. Which will become a problem over time even for those of us used to holding forward when attacking.

There’s no reason conceivable that I could see that would benefit from a character attacking in an offset like they can now. I really really doubt that was intended.

I haven’t actually tried a bow since the changes but how does this work with aiming a heavy? :grimacing:

Edit to add: I just went ahead and tested this and it look like anytime you have a bow drawn (not just aiming), rotatable stationary camera is essentially turned off. If you sheathe the bow and have rotatable stationary camera enabled, you are able to turn your camera around to see your character’s face, but the minute you draw your bow, you now turn wherever your cursor is aiming. (Tested switching back and forth between a bow and a construction hammer)

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I’m not looking forward to testing a bow. I’m terrible with a bow on controller :harold:

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