Camera While locked on Issue

So my issue is with some enemies like crocs, I lock on and the camera gets so close and pointed down i can barely see what i’m doing, and the targeting for crocs already seems a bit… tiny? like if you lock on you are striking at the dead center of their body and, especially with daggers, will attack past that point and miss a lot of the attacks. but if the camera could be pulled back alittle more when locked on i bet it would help a lot.

Same issue here I think. I’ve seen it mentioned in a few places.

Lock-on camera s normally just over head height so you can see the target, but sometimes on characters/ servers it gets stuck at waist/chest height behind the player so you can’t see the target. I fixed this by changing server/ new character, however when I died and respawned it returned.

Will try fiddling with settings to see what’s happening, but can’t seem to get rid of it once it occurs, no matter how many enemies I try locking on to or camera/ game settings I change.

Combat’s great though :slight_smile:

Also try to fight something tall in the savannah, Can’t see nuthin’ but that gorgeous tall yellow grass.

speaking of camera… since the #33 patch I cannot zoom out from my characters shoulders.
almost if the camera is fixed behind herm so When I mousewheeling up it pops into 1st person and wheeling down makes no changes so the zoom range seems to be lost in between.

I like to see more by default. and in combat as well.