Lock on Camera Xbox

Please change the camera angle and zoom in an lock on fight. At the moment it is unplayable for me because the lock on camera gives you more of a disadvantage rather than an advantage. I ve seen the camera on the pc version and it is slightly more zoomed out an has an better angle to fight. First time i heard of the new combat system I was happy now i feel like it’s annoying with the lock on. Please change this or give us the ability change the camera zoom on Xbox.

On PC I increase the Field of View to zoom the camera out, which in turn causes the camera to be further back when I lock on.

I’m not sure if this will help, but I hope it can.

On xbox you don’t have the option to increase field of view but thanks for the reply

Well damn. They should definitely fix that!

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Lock on locks on to clan members when fighting in a group it’s annoying

On PC too, but at least they fixed the auto-face feature so it doesn’t target allies.