Combat Lock-on Camera Issue Post Patch 1.06

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Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug | Misc
Region: USA
So not sure if this is a bug or me being ignorant about a change in patch 1.06 but before downloading the patch, in combat, when I would lock on to an enemy, the view of my character would be fine. The view would zoom out a bit and I could see the enemy clearly. Now, however, after patch 1.06, when I lock on to an enemy, the camera locks, however when the enemy or I get closer to one another, the camera starts to move up over my character’s head, looking downward towards the ground. This is fine except the my FOV becomes a lot smaller, and stays this way even when the enemy is far again and I am still locked on. It is jarring in fights, especially when fighting groups. Is this a setting issue or possible bug? Thanks for any help in advance?

Repro steps:

Don’t even try to fight the rhinos then. The camera goes inside their body and all gets really messy.

I have the same issue, fighting larger creatures like a Mammoth or Elk King and my view is mostly of the ground at my enemies feet.

El sistema de bloqueo en el combate es realmente molesto con ataques a grupos y enemigos de gran tamaño.
Esperemos se arregle pronto .
Ps4 Europa.