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I’ve had a bug happen to me a couple times and I’m wondering if anyone knows the cause? My camera will just get stuck looking one direction, but I can still move around with my left analog stick. The first time it happened I wasn’t paying attention what I was doing, the second time I opened a door and walked through then it triggered.I’m not 100% sure the door did it though. To fix it, I just jumped on to the nearest wall I could grab then it fixed it. If there is already a report on this could someone let me know? I wouldn’t be able to report it until I found out what caused the bug right?.

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Update: I’ve had it happen a few more times. Just walking about and it my camera got stuck in one direction. Another time interacting with a Campfire. Just seems to be happening when it wants which sucks…

you’re likely clicking vanity camera hotkey, or whatever hotkey equivalent on console is

Hrm, I don’t think so I’ve had this happen to me on both Xbox and PS4. I find it locks sometimes when I climb, to get rid of it I have to climb again, that usually solves it.

…also…Vanity mode??? Never heard of it, lmao

If we actually have anything like that, its news to me, lol


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This is probably something that those of us who have been playing along time just debug and go on with out thinking about it. I get locked on other players and things in the house without touching anything but analog possibly my controller.

I’ve played for year and recently stopped playing again after not for 4 months. I’ve never had this happen to me until recently. There can be no enemies or players around and it just locks looking in one direction. It can definitely get you killed if you’re in the middle of fighting.

Afraid I don’t know exactly what causes it but it does seem to occur most frequently after climbing. I never encountered the bug until after the 2.8 update. Since then it happens about as often as the stamina bug used to. Climbing or changing perspective to first person and then back to third person seems to fix it. I’ve also noticed it seems to happen more often when I’m in first person view at the start of a climb, so maybe it has something to do with how the camera switches between the two modes.

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Game controllers get dirty and can cause such fuzzies. It’s cleanable, but we bought a new one.

EDIT: just reread the OP and noted you said what fixed it

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