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The changes to the camera/combat in CH3 are not fun. Looking the direction you want to attack does not attack that direction instead it attacks in the direction your character is facing. This is a change from CH2 and really since I have been playing the game. You have always been able to use the camera to look a direction and then if you attack your character would turn and attack the direction your character was looking. Now if you want to attack a certain direction you have to rotate your character with WASD. I have been bouncing between Testlive and Live recently and I the best way I can describe how it feels is, that the live version is like driving a Farrari, and the testlive version is like driving a tank. There is an option to uncheck the Rotatable Stationary Camera in testlive to have the controls closer to the live version but it does not feel good, and you cannot look around your character with the camera any more because it rotates your character and not just the camera.


Did you try Controller Style Movement?

The rest what you described is what I felt too, you now have to rotate your character first, before attempting an attack. This was done to reduce/slow down the poke’n roll META. Because people complained about spears again. I assume further adjustments towards this will come in the future.

But instead of reverting this ■■■■■■ unlimited stamina system, they do these weird changes…

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I did try that setting and it makes no difference still driving a tank. I don’t know what to say about it other then it’s been one way for “How many Years?” now it just feel foreign and bad. Clunky!

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Well, controller style movement allows you to rotate your camera around the character without turning the character itself. Unless they have changed something recently again…

Yes. Before you could attack towards the opposite direction instantly. On the public beta branch, the character needs to turn around first. If you do not turn first, the attack ends up halfway there, depending on how much turning the weapon allows during it’s animation. (Tip: spears do not turn at all, which makes it pretty obvious on why the changes have been made)

Also when you do roll&poke. After roll, you have to rotate your character first with WASD before pressing attack.

Some would say, it’s a more “natural” or “realistic” movement, but it def slows down the pace of combat.

Trust me, there will be way more threads about this when this patch goes live as it is.


Bottom line this is a big change to combat and it does not feel good no matter the reasoning behind it. I agree I think the forums will explode with people talking about this, or it will just be the last straw for some. :frowning:


I thought their solution to the roll-poke was adding extra frames to the attack so it’s not as ‘instant.’ What’s all this nonsense?

As I already said before. I HATE updates. They dont bring just new content. But every single update changes the game play.
That old game that I enjoy playing. But in the last year or so. My joy to play is drastically being reduced by game play changes.


so an awful fix to counter an awful side effect of an awful change to the stamina system :slight_smile:

please, just revert the stamina system


i test that too, i think after update aow 3, and after 5 years of play this game ill have to live and forget about that shit forever. Endless stamina, slow spear, fast movement - what next endless hp? Funcom is just do what they want, i real have to learn play pvp every update like i play new game. Crazy idiots. When they stop???

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It’s unbelievable how bad combat feels with these turning changes.

@ All
Watch the video, it shows what wak4863 has found in a way words alone are not enough for:

wak4863, thanks for putting that up. I also had trouble finding out what the h…eaven changed with combat. I noticed that my character seemed to miss a lot and charge into weird directions, but attributed that to butterfingers and lag. But you solved what changed - great find.

Funcom… please don’t. I don’t know what that change is trying to fix, but I seriously doubt that f’ing up everybody’s skillz in the game by changing the camera movement is justifiable by whatever the problem seems to be.


Every update since AoS ended has just been a massive L to be honest. Just remember if you honestly don’t like it then don’t play it or make content about it.

If you do, why would they bother changing it? You’re obviously gonna play and give them PR anyway.

Well thanks to wak too to have identified from where it was coming, and to sirdave to clearly point why it apparently have been done (in a very lazy way and totally not understanding the game because i dont play it by FC) . it definitely show that there is serious game design direction problem actually.

Didn’t realize this was changed until I saw the video.

It’s absolute junk.

FC, revert please.

To return to a state that seems similar to the one before, deactivate

“Rotatable Stationary Camera” in the “Gameplay” menu.

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