WASD movement ONLY on PC?

Seriously, what fresh hell is this? We can no longer use our mouse as part of our movement? WHY???

This is absolutely unacceptable. I’ve been playing this game since early access. I have around 11k hours in this game. I am a server owner. I host Conan roleplaying communities. That doesn’t make me special, it means I’ve been a dedicated advocate for this game and have a lot of experience with it. This change to combat is beyond horrible. And I cannot play this game this way.

Please let FC know if you feel the same way people. Thank you.


Alright combined with the bug pertaining to you getting banned for merely trying to login now with this? Someone needs to get fired.


funcom knew all about the janked attack system change. We gripped about it enough on test.


I don’t want to drive a tank in Conan.
Hell let Loose was horrible expirience enough in the tank squad.



Kind of wonder if this was a decision made to facilitate crossplay with consoles.

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This movement system change is absolutely disgusting. It takes any smooth feel out of the game and makes it seem like we stepped back into an unfinished early alpha game.

I’ve been a dedicated player for a number of years and this is probably the sign to go find something different. Funcom doesn’t care anymore and it shows.


I cant even play as i’m banned for trying to login, how dare I?!

Being a paying player got me banned… Sounds like not much good awaits after I am allowed in again though :frowning:

As long as you don’t try to fight anything or run a purge, should be fine! /s

I think the most hilarious thing about this is the fact, that they limited and completely changed player’s movement style to be slow, clumsy and unnatural, but in addition benefited NPCs, which now are going to have the similar options we did as a players.

So they can now rotate to react and face our attacks and are more challenging to defeat, meanwhile we are stuck in the finishing the combo in one direction, without any easy possibility to defend ourselves.

For the Crom’s sake…


Yeah that took some really big brains to think this is something we’d like. There are not enough words to express my annoyance. But I’ll keep posting on this anyway! LOL


Do you also think this is about making player to use the Q lock? :smiley:

I agreed on that with more people, who feel uneasy about this function. Anytime I turned it on by accident, I literally felt dizzy and lightheaded in few seconds, from the horrible screen movement around my target.

I don’t get how anyone can use this for real, and why they are making us to use it, so we survive a fight against a single enemy.


It’s easy to see why Funcom does not pay attention to their customers. They suffer from Head Up Ass Syndrome and can’t hear anyone.

Seriously Funcom, what the hell is this? It wasn’t broke. So why did you have to ‘fix it’?


Someone said it’s about balancing the fight options, so they are gonna be the same for both PC and console. -.-

At least if I got it right.

I’ve played CE since the pre-Beta days and this is just ridiculous. They’ve made some bizarre screwups before, but the ‘bans’ and movement f*ckery is just plain insulting. Between my main and my family share account I have an embarassingly large amount over 20k hours invested into this game. i love building and rp and how they’d handled the rudely pulling TotCustom nearly gave the RP community a KB. Especially considering the simultaneous release of many hot ticket games that people had been eagerly awaiting. We’re their golden goose, the ones who line their pockets buying up deco and DLCs for all the pretties and yet they choose to alienate us one way after another. We finally get Custom back and then there’s this update with their mindblowing level of f’n up and f’n over the player base. I don’t want this game to die, but the idiots at FC seem dead set upon killing it themselves! Honestly, after their ‘you’re banned, pay us X amount or f off’ messages, I think they owe us that amount or more in Crom coins for tolerating their BS.


Ma’ boy just found out about Controller Style Movement.

Comment est il possible qu’un seul gars , décide pour une communauté impliquée qui a déjà tout subi de la part de FC, subisse encore cet outrage , moi aussi je suis la depuis mars 2017, j’ai tout vécu avec le sourire me disant que c’etait normal que ça arrive … les gazelle qui vole, la nage qui n’en finie jamais , les araignées tous les 3 m, mais il y avait quelque chose de possible dans ce jeu, je pense sincérement que les gens qui décident la suite n’ont jamais joué à CE, ce sont des cons prétentieux qui nous explique pourquoi ils vont nous pourrir le jeu dans notre interet … La communauté est immense et intercontinentale, les retours sont dans les topics des forums "officiels " mais les regardent ils ? . On a tous claqué un peu de monnaie là dedans , les DLCs, Sipptah, le passe de combat, voir offert à des potes les jeux ou des DLC … ça vous parle ?
Je ne joue pas sur serveur officiel j’en loue un pour mes amis et moi , et là j’ai l’impression de m’être fais faire ■■■■ dessus. Banni… pour vol…
Et apres plusieurs tickets on me demande si j’ai bien lu les rêgles ?? vous vous foutez de la tête de qui ? + de 9600 heures de jeux , des tas d’amis invités qui ont à leurs tours payé… Ayez une vrai réponse digne et si c’est pour nous stream l’idiot du village qui n’a jamais joué à son propre jeu …

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This is a flat out “No” from me. I have been playing since beta and this tank style movement is the end of the line. I do not play games to relive nightmares of being stuck in tar. I play them to have fun… this is the opposite of fun. See you all in Nightingale and Enshrouded. /salute


Thats how they been working lately. It was a more finished game 2019 than it is now. Atleast consumables and all of that shit had a purpose, also other stuff, wich either isnt functional now or removed from the game.

And funcom (most likely their lead designer) doesnt give a f about it.

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I went and tried this and found that when “Controller Style Movement” was set to Off and Rotatable Stationary Camera was unchecked, my character would turn towards my cursor when attacking without any additional input. Unless there’s something different I’m missing, which is entirely possible.


Ah yeah, what I posted is more of a temporary workaround to the reported issue; something has changed with controls and OP’s issue has been brought up internally to be looked into.

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