Combat changes are here to Stay, Funcom doesnt cares

Ive been here for a long time, I’ve seen it all.

Everything started wuth the -Age of missing Sorcery- , unfinished and rushed, people still complains till this day - Funcom Ignores it

Then the changes to the Stamina, everybody was mad because basically the game turned into a dodge spam Simulator (Basically infinite Stamina) - People complained, Funcom ignored us.

Then the Battlepass/Bazaar pay to win items (More reach and more damage in some cases, wont name them for obv. Reasons and yes, its still a thing) -People complained, Funcom Ignored us.

Then Rotating weapons appeared, where you could attack someone as if you were aimglitching (Changing cameras while you attack), everybody complained yet they didnt do anything till one of the Funcom Team employes got into a pvp fight (By accident) and then got anhilated so hard thay they basically removed the spear from the game.

And now you have Modders hotfixing the game (It takes less than 10 minutes to do) and needing to rotate your whole character to attack because you are no longer the hero of the story but a Darfari tier 2 that its learning to fight. (Dota 2 Vibes)

We (you) have to deal with this, it doesnt matter how bad the game gets or how many people complain , nothing will be done because they wont knowledge the problem, theyre in a pve-C Server Devs only, full Q-Lock, rotate ln attack and Controller movement. (Probaby a pink Xbox controller with Skulls on it if its Dennis)


My friends and I are fighting same as always, me on controller and my friends on keyboard and mouse. We haven’t installed the mods called hotfixes, and no one is complaining…strange.


You wont notice any change if you were already a Darfari tier 2



Oh burn. How will I get over it, I’m forever shamed by you. Maybe someday, I’ll recover from that but until then, I guess I’ll just go enjoy the game.


Just going to say I agree more or less.
PvP has been destroyed for no reason what so ever, and a lot of new to pvp pve-c players are applauding a system which is a dead end for everyone, them included.

You expect me to believe you have friends :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If you use a mouse to fight and haven’t noticed the difference, Q must be your friend. If you use the lock on you’ll never notice the change.

Funcom nerfed the crap out of P2W items, even the stored ones.

Never noticed, when did that happen? I’ve always been able to track attack.

They have already said they would address it. I have no confidence it will be the roll back 88% of us want. It will be one of the begrudging things people will have to tolerate to play. Doing something to make more then 2/3s of then players happy isn’t the funcom way.

Thinking that might be more true then sarcastic.


Funcom was quite clear they are off till Jan 15th for any fixes.

Employees need a break called vacation.

They have my blessing.



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according to the votes casted in the pool above, and to what @Wak4863 pool numbers shows it seems that you and your friends are the absolute minority, it does seem the vast majority of people are NOT happy, do you agree with that statement?


According to Wak’s poll, 37% total either didn’t notice a difference or had a more positive experience. That’s quite bit over a third, not a small minority. Thankfully game development is not a democracy, which is just a dictatorship of the majority, whom can frequently be wrong.


only 6% mouse and keyboard says its ok,

39 % says its bad,

8% with controller says its good

23% with controllers says its bad./

another 23 % says they did not noticed the change,

I’m sure you can do addition.


it still a landslide …

BAD, that is what majority thinks,. numbers dont lie. people can twist the narrative if they want, … is crystal clear that the majority do not agree with the change. and yes, its up to funcom. i will say that there is a strong lead for them as to what they need to do. if they revert or dont, time will tell, but the opinion is there. that is what matters. if they listen or not, that is a different topic.

oh and by the way., not noticing the change does not makes it good or bad, so please do not sum it up as some kind of support to people liking the change . if you do it will be just plain manipulation…

hard data will be as follows :

people liking it : 14%
people disliking it : 62%
people that did not notice (or dont care) 23%

that is the reality in those numbers.


The majority that took the time to have a forum and youtube account for these polls. The data is thus, flawed. As those who enjoy the changes or don’t notice them are not likely to bother making or logging into said accounts.

In fact I’m willing to bet 99% of players don’t care enough about these changes for Funcom to even bother. They’ll just deal with it like the good little customers they are.


you better bring some hard data to support that claim of 99% otherwise you are talking BS. .

wak pool has 1.4k votes the one in the forum has over 200 votes, please research what a sample in statistic is, and how people can read it., you are also not adding that there are people who dislike the change and has not voted or said anything either. so without any supporting data your claim is totally flawed and without any merit. other than just another baseless opinion.

The Funcom Badders have been complaining about the game for over 6 years. FC hasn’t done anything right by them for over half a decade (some of them for over a decade because they’ve been around since AoC).

No one is leaving the game over these ‘horrible’ combat changes. Hell when people got banned due to a bug, a sizeable number of them actually paid Funcom. Funcom Badders are never to be taken seriously. Even if a million of them voted in a silly poll.

Their inability to stop swiping their credit cards speaks far louder than checking a box.


am i bringing something else other than if people like or not the combat changes? no i am not.

the hard support of the combat changes is no bigger than 14% period (according to wak pool) 23 % did not saw a difference ,that 23% it is NOT SUPPORT for the change . that 23 % is not in favor or against the change. , the 62 % said NO dont like it. thats it.

if you feel like removing any merit to any pool because you dont like the result or cant be used for you narrative, then it is your problem, there is MERIT on those numbers, and funcom need to listen to them, whatever they do , or ignore its a different topic and not being discussed.

again we are talking about the combat changes, not talking if people will leave or not, or if people will stop supporting funcom or not, what i brought was HARD numbers , over 1500 people voted , that is a large sample.

the conversation is about what people feels about the combat changes nothing more, if oyu have FACTS and hard numbers that creates any form of conflict with the data that is being provided here, please by all means share it. :slight_smile:


I use M/K and noticed a change but it does’t seem all that bad to me. I also only play on q-lock disabled servers. I don’t even know why q-lock is a thing in this game. Or why anyone interested in pvp would play on q-lock enabled servers.

Combat seems more realistic to me ngl. Punching dagger doesn’t turn fully on the 2nd hit but 2h sword will 180 on 2nd heavy. It’s a side slashing motion so it’s completely reasonable.

Now if controller has access to 180 movement that M/K doesn’t have, that’s a problem. I don’t have a controller so can’t test it.

Biggest problem as of now is that proficient bow obliterates all other options.

It does not have any advantages, even the weapons with the smallest turn radius will 180 by the 2nd hit as you’ve seen in your own tests.

When I ran my tests with controller (I used a Steam Controller and an old Logitech Rumblepad 2 set to xinput through Steam) and Keyboard, the results were identical.

The only issues is the bug with turning in place having no animation with the setting for it turned on, the oversight on flatfooted attacks not following the aiming point without directional input, and the overtuning of NPC turning. At least one of those its getting fixed on January 15th, probably two of them, and if we’re lucky all three. Then the combat will work as it is intended.

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Polls on forums have this knack for kissing the content players. Why would a content player come to the forum when latest news is done on X and they are happily playing away? I guess if you think that the forum has most of the players in it, news flash: it doesnt.

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