New Combat - So Terrible

At first, I enjoyed the new combat. I though it was interesting and fun from what we had previously. I mean it works nice with PvE but could use some improvements obviously. For example, you can miss quite a bit of shots regardless of how well you aim and so on. But then I tried PvPing, boy it was horrendous. Unlike a mob, a person moves. I mean it’s hard enough hitting a non-moving target like a mob with this system, but with a person? You miss majority of your shots. Even worse, because you’re always doing combos, a fleeing opponent will always get away. So what else is there to do? Well you can use arrows right? Well no, because for some odd reason my character shoots completely in randomly locations and misses at only a slightly far radius even though the arrow projectile hits. Lets not forget that bows do almost no damage and consume energy excessively.

Dude Funcom, no. This is terrible! I prefer the old boring system than this. At least back then, I was able to catch and hit people. Now it’s just completely broken. I donno, maybe this works for console players, but it DOES NOT work for PC players. I don’t even know if I can continue playing like this. PvP is not rewarding at all. It’s just a big frustration. Do you guys even test your games? What is this? I used to love PvP, but this is a joke.


There’s a difference between the system being horrible and you being horrible at it. It take time to adjust to it and learn how it work. But yeah, some weapon need tweaking for pvp because they are useless. Only good weapon for pvp is 2hand sword, spear and sometime axe and sword.

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“You are the problem.”
Also you.
“Yeah some things need to be fixed.”

I used a two-handed hammer and miss everything that moves. I’m not the only person who had the same issue. Also, because every hit starts a combo, people are easily capable of fleeing. Bows are complete trash, they don’t ever hit where they’re supposed to, so it’s impossible to slow players down with it. Show me where any of this is my fault. In the old combat system, you can smack people around as they ran and nothing stopped you from moving. Now we have combos and useless bows that don’t work. I’ll take a wild guess and say you don’t PvP at all.

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Not only is the combat useless : the raiding is even more of a pain in the ■■■. There’s no point to PvP anymore. Find a structure with 1 entrance and build 20 T3 doors in front of it. Claim the land in front of it and GG, invincible base.

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