New combat system and archery

Look, i do love all the changes to the combat, save one, and its a real thorn in my side. The ability to hold your bow draw and release at will. Please return that capability, and your combat system will be GOLDEN.


I think they have a little more to do than just that Kappa

Indeed archery is now f wnk. And wtf is witht he arrow speed? it’s that slow a walking enemy at 15 meters outpaces it? WTF?

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Agreed. I have no problem with nerfing archery within reason. At lower levels the bow is practically worthless. I have read “the ancient bow is great”, but who cares when you really need the bow to hunt at lower levels. Being forced to hunt gazelle with a stone sword or two-handed stone sword is ridiculous because the hunting bow and arrows (bone and flint) are utterly useless in the current condition.

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I don’t know. Nerfing archery is a ■■■■■ by itself.
It is supposedly the best weapon from that era.
I understand archery is VERY VERY difficult against heavy armored enemies, but as long as one have bow and a bit range he/she should win over mid/light armored enemies (definitelly against animals) by default.

Simply you won’t bring knifes not even swords into a gunfight even today… :smiley :smiley:
But all fun aside with the new scarecity of natural health regeneration bow play is a “must”.

And I am really aggree that the player should have control WHEN that arrow will fly or not. also arrow speed… So yep definitely a good Original Post. Liked it.

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