Archery in Test Live is Horrible

Why did you make a great system now the worst i’ve ever used in a survival game? It’s slow, it costs way too much stamina (i shoot a longbow IRL, 12 arrows pet 5 min for 2 hours 2x a week…) and right click barely does any more dmg but auto releases making leading the target etc impossible, the arrows fly super slow again making hitting things walking ridiculous… omg i could go on.

How the hell did this get passed? did the devs not actually play this new archery system and instantly say this is bad?

Bow balance? what so you destroyed archery because you think it might be OP? news flash archery is supposed to be OP because you’re defenceless when you get into melee. there’s a reason England destroyed french armies for many years because archery was that effective. if medieval England had this archery system im sure we would all be speaking french right now lol.

I’m hoping you somehow fix this before the patch goes live because i main archery and if it’s not i will be quitting the game. Rust has a much better archery system for god sakes and Ark

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I tried archery and must say, it is definatly NOT useless. The only Thing Needs changes are to the movement when weilding a bow. It is very difficult to turn around and shoot when you are beeing chased which is most of the time the case. That is why I use bow only for running Targets.

Other than that, i can take out a Rhino with ease using the bow and skills invested in full archery together with the snake arrows. Even Players are not a huge Problem if you use the Environment well and even in Close combat.

But in General i agree that archery Needs further tweaking.

Meaning exploiting AI? ^^

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no I can prove to you in a duel if you want this evening. I face rhinos and elephants and kite alot.

And enemy WALKING sideways 15 meters away and he will outwalk the speed of your arrow… this is so messed up when arrow speed is this slow i can;t imagine this working in PVP one bit. fighting an ele yesterday it was chasing my friend sideways about 20 meters away i shoot at its center and it outran and dodged my arrow… My longbow IRL is considered a SLOW speed weapon compared to recurve bows and even then it still hits a target at 100 yards in a second or two.

And whats witht he snake arrows? i can;t craft them but my friend can. they seem easy as hell to make and OP. what’#s the point in iron arrows etc then in an easy to craft OP arrow is there?

The bow has been nerfed way too much. I started a new character after the 33 patch in a new server. The bow has been pretty much useless. Too hard to make bone arrows and flint arrows, which I do not mind, but I was not able to even use the bow until I made it to level 13 due to resource shortage. Pretty sad that you get the bow at level 5 and it is of no real use for at least 5 more levels. Arrows do fly way too slow and most foes easily walk out of the path, but heaven forbid you get in the sights of an Exile Archer or two. I was getting pegged left and right. I understand trying to focus on melee fighting, but how are you supposed to go into Skulker’s End and have even a chance of success. I had to get on ledges up above and still could not even get in more than one-third of the way. Now at level 18 and I am stocking up on arrows but rarely use them. Being forced to hunt gazelle with a sword is ridiculous.

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Oh, I though you meant black ones. Or do you mean the black rhinos?
I could understand grey ones being this easy, but as black ones got that much HP while only running you over once to onehit you… Well… :stuck_out_tongue:

havn’t tried the black one yet but i had no issues with elephants and they are tough :slight_smile:

Though elephants are “regular” enemies - just like normal rhinos are.
The fun slowly starts with rather special versions of both.
Being the light grey named elephant or some black rhino/rhino king.

Those are the ones whose AI is probably exploited the most. No one cares about some random hyena or some thrall - those are easy to kill, even with (higher) bow.

In fact, bows/archery must be better for those who go for Accuracy, otherwise everyone would just use the bow with proficiency

So, Accuracy should increase arrow speed, damage, lower arrow craft cost and lower innacuracy while movement.

And they must make the Right Click aim, eat stamina while you aim, and Left Click to release the arrow.

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I agree with one of your suggestions.

Having the ability to hold a shot was a nice feature, and slapping a stamina drain on it would make its usage more tactical.

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TBH i think they want the game to fail and the devs have been told to shut the game down. that’s the only reason i can think to them changing Archery like this. they must really hate the game and want it to fail… lol. omg wait till the console players get their hands on archery…

Currently I play on a console (xbox) and I do not like the new archery. I agree with if you hold the draw then drain stamina until you release the arrow. I hate the you cannot time the shot.

dude I killed the Spider Boss - no Problem at all. No exploit nothing. Just kiting and skills.

+1 for Hold and tap returning, and increased arrow speed and damage.

I don’t see how giving us back archery as it was, would hurt balance.

IIRC a great many people couldn’t even use the old system and complained about it.
Please give it back to those of us that could use it. :slight_smile:

I want to see mobs collapse as they run toward my character again :wink:

I think grey rhinos and spidy boss are not that much apart regarding their HP, but I might be wrong. (Though to me spidy was way less dangerous than some grey rhino.

Same here.

Because of that whole lock of feature. You can keep running backwards while still shooting light arrows at enemies.

As many people said lock on would be useless in melee anyway I dont see a reason to keep lock on. Make it some by default turned off feature, then people can use this system-sided aimbot on private servers or in singleplayer.
Whoever wants to master a weapon, should do so properly. And not take out a bow because… well… its too easy to hit people without getting hit themselves. That should require practice.

What level is your character?
What is your accuracy score?
What type of bow are you using?
What type of arrows are you using?

These all make a difference. I have a level 60 character in an SP game with 22 Accuracy, an Ancient Bow, and Snake Arrows. I am in XBOX so there are no mods.
Standing still and shooting is still an issue. We are also forced to go to first person to even get a decent view, while I prefer to play in 3rd person even when shooting arrows.

The fact that you cannot control the release of the arrow is an issue? It prevents true timing of the shot and leading shots that allow the target to walk into the flight path of the arrow. The arrows also fly way too slow.

I think you misunderstood what we are asking for. I don’t want an “aim bot” I dislike the lock on feature regardless of weapon.

I want to hold the right mouse button to aim, and aim myself and tap the left to fire the heavy attack. leaving the light attack just as it is, I don’t even care if it drains stam this is a better way to use a bow.

as far as “practice” I have been using the bow from the start of EA and trying to explain how to use it to others long before the “aim bot” was even introduced.

Edit: I don’t even use the target lock now, if a player or mob gets close enough for the stupid target lock, I switch to melee, and don’t even target lock then, except if my brain dead low health “bearer thrall” is in range because I don’t want to kill it.

Eh? Maybe you dont want it out of the game, but me personally, I really think that lock on caused this whole mess with players saying bow would be OP.
I never saw people flaming Funcom for OP bows or OP healing before… idk… march? (Dont really recall when the first testlive patch with combat update was pushed out.) Then lock on made its way into the game, making everyone go with a bow because it didnt even take any skill or rather practice to handle it well. Same happened to aloe stuff.
Of course a weapon you dont need to be good at handling it will be OP if the damage is on par with weapons you need to have practice with.
If someone rocks with a weapon, he should do so because of enough practice.

And that said, I prefer the old way bows worked. When the release of the right mouse button would let the arrow be released as well. I would be fine with a sprinting-cost-alike drain on stamina. (Same should then apply to shields as well!)

Same here about the practice from when I started playing CE (I think a little after EA-start, but I’m not sure).
Though I never had to explain anyone how to use it.

As I prefered to stay with only the bow, it forced me to back off if anything came too near - when I took a look at lock on, I was shocked by how more easier the bow got to be used. What I said about people using bows with lock on was in some video with most going for melee at first, but soon everyone got their bows out with lock on enabled. This is why I think lock on made bows “OP”.

I would prefer the old bow-system with a little higher damage on heavy attacks* in return, while lock on eighter being turned off in server settings or lock on not working with bows at all. Including this stamina-drain-penalty for both holding a shield rdy to block and holding an arrow ready to release.
*Though all heavy attacks should really hurt more than their light versions.

This is what we are asking for as well.
However as well as holding right mouse with arrow fly on release,
you could hold left mouse, and zoom in a bit to aim, releasing would just lower the bow and not waste arrows.
tapping left mouse with right held would fire the arrow.

I am a bit of a forum rat, so thats is why I’ve been telling people about the bow for so long.
Because so many people would just tap left, shoot the ground, then whine the bow was broken.

The YT you mentioned was Polarbear Igloo, I actually disagreed with him in his post back then, saying the target lock was a step backward from the original method.

We both want the same thing, I guess I’m not expressing myself well today.

@Barnes, Back me up here, buddy. You’re the only fellow forum rat I know who has actually seen me use a bow, lol