Quit the game because of how awful Archery is

Thanks devs I’ve now had enough. I was looking so forward to playing this game with friends but after what you did to archery i just cannot find the game fun. I play an archery in every game i play especially survival games and what you have done is borderline a betrayal of what i paid to play all those months ago.

You had a fun system and now for moronic balance reasons which make NO sense whatsoever you nerfed the dmg to pretty much nothing. I have a Longbow IRL and i can guarantee when it hits you it does more than 4 damage…

That aside thanks for turning a game i loved into something i’ve had to quit. I just cannot play without an archery system that’s half decent and this doesn’t even make playable, you hear that? your system is not even playable.


For me its not the damage so much but the fact that bows no longer work like bows. The bow works like a gun on the left click and a sword for the right click.

Left click is like pulling the trigger on a gun no control just pwee pwee pwee. And right click is a regulated draw and hold for X secs then auto release like a sword.

Just take them out of the game if you cant figure out how to balance them, your just ■■■■■■■ everyone off with these changes.

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