I'm not liking the changes to archery

The bows have different degrees of damage as well as the arrows. Why, then, have a light and heavy attack on the bows? Is it so your character has the option of pulling the string back half way and just poking an enemy? lol
Seriously, though. Aren’t all those variables a bit redundant? Why not just make it a single attack weapon. Pull the string back and loose.
Also, I’d really like to see the bows have the ability to aim down the sights again like it was.
I can’t say I’m crazy about these changes to archery.

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no… not at all… I mean LOL…
When that string is pulled back enough it still does just poke damage. a.k.a. 600+ arrows high-midtier gear to a worldboss while 40 swings from any sword can do the same.

Archery is a joke atm in game.

Where are spineshots? brainshots? hearthshots? lungshots and a like… kneeshot anyone?? to criple those infidels who tries to run away in PVP??? or kidney shot for massive bleed damage? :smiley:

Anyway the biggest problem is that NONE of the current attack modes gives us the ability to hold that string and release it WHEN we want it to be released. While this and the damage output isn’t implemented “back” into the game… No need to even mention archery.

Yes we have bows and yes they are useless now. problem solved. :smiley:

anyway I would like your comment but it turned out my like quota expired WUT??? :smiley: Funnycomms forum. :smiley:

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I agree with you both.

Underpowered and the need to hold (it can use stamina, if it needs to) are quite important, I feel.

i released a mod to correct the damage of all the bows, because i love archery so much and now its shi…y as hell. Now they are nearly the same as the meleeweapons. Test from friends and some streamers are positiv. Feel free to try it out.

Just search for Bow_Rebalance